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Introducing Unified Messaging – Now in Beta
2019-05-19 GERMAN
Jüdisches Forum bietet im Live-Chat schnelle Unterstützung bei antisemitischen Vorfällen
What's New: Make Your Userlike Account More Secure With Login Verification
What Do Your Customers Actually Think About Chatbots?
2018-10-31 GERMAN
Wie LogoEnergie im Support Chatbot und Mensch zusammenbringt
What's New: Reach our Support Team via WhatsApp
What's New: Topic Filtering for Add-ons & an Improved Audit Log
What's New: Chat Statistics for All & API Improvements
What's New: Command Responses for Bots, Support for Images, Videos and Chips
Userlike Live Chat Software – Data Privacy Features and GDPR Compliance
What's New: Notification Options Now for Facebook and Telegram Messenger
What's New: Import & Export Macros, Improved Skills Routing & Matomo
Whats New: Skill-based Routing
Userlike Now Available in Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian
What's New: More Dashboard Languages, Group Forwarding, and Chatbot Integration
What's New: Daily Service Times, Custom Transcript Email Logo, and Widget Tracking API
Userlike in Cloudflare Apps
Whats New: Better Transcript Emails, Google Tag Manager, and More
What's New: A Fresh, Clean Look, New Integrations, and More
What's New: Improved Analytics and Chat, a Better Chat Butler, External Tracking
What's New: A Fresh, Stylish Look – With Chat Butler at Your Service
What's New: Operator Roles and Organizations
What's New: Transcript Customization, Chat Storage Management and More
Userlike Launches Messenger Channels
Introducing Messenger Channels: Channels to Your Customers' Hearts
Userlike Realizes ‘Dream for B2C Communication' with WhatsApp Connect
2015-10-12 GERMAN
After Safe Harbor's Revocation, Europe Becomes a Pearl Harbor for US Software Providers
2013-12-01 GERMAN
Live Chat in the Tourist Industry
Userlike partners up with Händlerbund
En la prensa
2019-01-24 GERMAN
trusted: Was läuft eigentlich bei Userlike? - Userlike-Tools und Tech Stack
WPBeginner: 12 Best Live Chat Software for Small Business Compared (2019)
2018-12-27 GERMAN Was spricht für Köln als Startup-Standort?
2018-10-31 GERMAN
Wie LogoEnergie im Support Chatbot und Mensch zusammenbringt
2018-05-11 GERMAN
Deutsche Startups: Timoor von Userlike: "Es fehlt ein wenig an einer gesunden Portion Konkurrenz"
2018-04-10 GERMAN
"Initiative Mittelstand honors Userlike as 'Best of INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2018' in Communication category"
2018-04-06 GERMAN
"Conversational24: Userlike – Deutscher Software Spezialist für Live-Chat"
2018-03-20 GERMAN
t3n: Timoor Taufig von Userlike: "Wir bauen das Slack des Kundenservice"
2018-02-07 GERMAN
"Beste Live Chat Software: Dies sind unsere 13 Top-Tools (mit Vor- und Nachteilen)"
2018-01-18 GERMAN
Salesupply: "Profi-Guide Kundenservice 2018: Trends, Zahlen und Benchmark im Überblick"
G2 Crowd Recognizes Userlike as Leader in German Tech Scene
2017-08-31 GERMAN “Arbeite hart an der Idee, pflege die Vision"
2017-08-03 "6 Free Website Chat Apps to Keep Customers on Your Site"
2017-07-03 INTERVIEW, GERMAN "Userlike, die Live-Chat-Software, die Spass macht"
2017-06-12 GERMAN "Warum ein Live Chat für die eigene Website sinnvoll ist"
2016-12-16 INTERVIEW, GERMAN "Vision and values developed with time"
2016-08-18 PODCAST, GERMAN From Cosmetics for Women to SaaS with €70,000 MRR
2016-04-26 Top 15 Live Chat Apps for Your Shopify Store
2016-04-12 GERMAN Timoor Taufig on "Without exaggeration, Conversational Commerce can revolutionize shopping via mobile"
Talkdesk: What You Should Know About Phone and Live Chat Support
2016-01-14 GERMAN
CMM-magazine-ch: Userlike makes WhatsApp a dream come true for B2C communication
2016-01-12 GERMAN
Kurz vor 9: Ikea attracts online customers with pick up point, Amazon, Otto, Uber, Wöhrl, Userlike
2015-12-17 VIDEO, GERMAN
Userlike - Live Chat Software: Founder Timoor Taufig in an Interview
2015-12-01 Userlike - How can we make Customer Support More Appealing to The End User?
Crazyegg Blog: 7 of the Best Growth Hacks for SaaS, Live Chat and E-Commerce
2015-11-03 GERMAN About Risks When Using American SaaS Tools
2015-10-27 VIDEO, GERMAN
Deutsche Welle: Consequences of the Safe Harbor revocation
2014-02-02 GERMAN Rather Startup than Corporation
Interviewing Userlike – Increasing Customer Conversion
2014-01-20 GERMAN
Cyberport: On the Customer's Pulse
2013-09-27 GERMAN More Service in eCommerce
2013-09-24 GERMAN In business, every culture has its own laws of the game.
2013-09-13 GERMAN Customer Proximity and Service
2013-09-12 GERMAN Web Intelligence Instead of Hotline Stupidity
2013-06-17 GERMAN
Inside Cyberport: Live Chat in the Web Shop
InTheNews Years with Recurly: From Beta to Maturity
2013-05-01 GERMAN
deutsche Simplicity rules
2013-04-18 GERMAN Userlike's Javascript API - Sometimes the customer has to do things on his own
2013-02-19 GERMAN Leading the Customer's Digital Hand With Live Chat
2013-02-12 GERMAN
selbststaendig-im-netz-de: Live Customer Support on Your Own Website
2013-01-23 GERMAN
geld-online-blog: Can Live Chat Boost Your Revenue in the Web Shop?
2013-01-07 GERMAN Live Chat for the Shop - Interview with Timoor Taufig of Userlike
2012-06-08 GERMAN Those who chat will be advised
2012-05-22 GERMAN Live Chat Turns the Web Shop Into a Digital Counter
Userlike Live Chat
2012-02-22 GERMAN Just One Line From the Customer's Question With Userlike
2012-01-20 - Live Chat For Sites And Apps
2012-01-19 GERMAN Devcores launches Userlike; Chat Function for the eCommerce

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