What's New: Daily Service Times, Custom Transcript Email Logo, and Widget Tracking API

We've added some new features.

Daily Widget Service Times

We've improved our Service Time feature.

With the widget service time you control how your Chat Widget behaves outside of your service hours. You can hide the chat button, for example. Or when you make use of Chat Butler, you can prevent it from showing up when your chat isn't staffed. This way you don't create false expectations for your web visitors.

Now we've expanded this feature by adding service times per day . Maybe you don't offer chat support on, say, Sunday's. Now you can set your fixed service times for all days of the week.

Screenshot of daily service time.

Custom Transcript Email Logo

We've improved the layout of the custom transcript email, which is available from the Business plan onwards. You now have full control over the header and can use your own color and the full area for your logo. The size of your logo should be 600x70 pixels.

What's more, we're not attaching unused images to Webvisitor transcript emails anymore (like an Operator picture or the Userlike logo). In some email clients this made it look as if we, Userlike, were sending emails to your customers. This should be fixed now.

Widget Tracking API

We've built a tracking api for widgets, which is available for Flex Customers.

The Widget Tracking API gives you a real-time overview on your chat utilization. For each configured Chat Widget, our system will trigger the provided callback URL for all events influencing its availability, e.g. when an Operator goes offline.

Check our tutorial , with an explanation of all the events