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Userlike’s GPT-4 AI chatbot Embrace the future of AI customer support

A system that combines our own AI engine with the power of OpenAI’s world-renowned GPT-4 large language model for ultra precise outcomes.

Unique replies

Generates completely new responses for every request by using the data from your centralized knowledge base.

A customer asks a chatbot about payment options and financing.
Advanced comprehension

Understands and answers multiple questions in one reply by combining multiple articles from your knowledge base.

A customer and a chatbot write about color options of the sofa and its delivery costs.
Accurate answers

Consider context from previous messages to be consistent and avoid customer frustration.

A chatbot helps a customer in the chat to extend the stay in a hotel.
Natural conversation

Adds emotion and tonality, making responses mimic human communication — even when things get complicated.

A chatbot helps a customer to solve a problem about  incorrect order.
Interactive communication

Empowers users to engage in new ways with the bot to increase their service experience, e.g. ask to summarize the bot’s reply for better understanding.

A chatbot provides details about car financing and a customer asks to shorten the reply.

Provide safe, trustworthy answers An AI solution you can rely on

GDPR compliant

Using an infrastructure that stores all chat data on our servers in Germany.


Built-in safeguards ensure answers are based only on your knowledge base, mitigating hallucination.


Extensive editor for content the AI uses and seamless human takeover possible if necessary.


Easily monitor all AI responses in the Message Center and measure multiple KPIs.

Omnichannel experience

Effortlessly automate customer requests that come in through your website, WhatsApp or other channels.

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