Website chat for customer communication

The first and only website chat that also connects to the most important mobile messaging apps.

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  • Messaging Channels
  • Chatbot Api
  • WhatsApp & more
Multiple customer profile pictures on a white background. Website chat message from a customer. WhatsApp message from a customer. Facebook Messenger message from a customer.
Website chat message from a customer. WhatsApp message from a customer. Facebook Messenger message from a customer.
Customer profile card.

Customers on tape Userlike customers sharing their stories


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Customer overview

Take your customer communication to the next level Chat with your customers like they do with friends

Bring modern messaging to your website

By integrating Userlike, you basically add the functionality of a mobile messaging app to your website. From file sharing to voice messaging and emoji, Userlike has it all.

Userlike's Website Messenger with a customer conversation about a bathroom.

An agent interface packed with sales and support features

The Message Center is where your agents will chat with your customers. It looks and feels like the browser versions of messaging apps you’re already using, but with a sophisticated business layer tailored to sales and support.

Userlike's Chat Macro feature – with canned messages for FAQs and common situations.

From website visitors to leads to customers

Userlike was built as an intuitive solution to naturally guide your website visitors through the different stages of their customer journey.

Contact profile, highlighting the different messaging channels to reach a customer on.

Keep an overview; stay in control

Customer communication can get messy and overwhelming. Not with Userlike. Smart filter and analytics features allow you to hone in on the areas that need your attention.

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Customer contact profiles.

Go where your customers go Besides website chat, Userlike allows you to build customer relationships over the most popular messaging apps: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and SMS.

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