What's New: Operator Roles and Organizations

Last Friday we updated our system with some brand new features!

Customizable Operator Roles

The Operator Roles always served to organize your team and give each member access to what they need, but our predefined roles were too rigid for some of our users. With our latest update we’ve enabled and extended Operator Roles in all packages.

Firstly, you can assign a wider range of roles to your Operators. We added a new manager role, for example, which can oversee the account in place of the owner, while the admin role is still available for making changes on a slightly lower level. Secondly, you can assign specific rights to each of these roles. Whether you want an Operator to simply chat or be able to configure all settings, the power is yours!

We still offer default settings according to what makes sense for most users, but if you have a more unique setup you can now adjust your role permissions accordingly. Check out the tutorial .

Agent Chat Panel

To chat, all Operators had to first log into the Dashboard, and from there into the Chat Panel second. Because Chat Agents can only access Chat Panel, that was one unnecessary step.

Now when Agents log into Userlike they are automatically redirected to the Chat Panel.


Organizations are the biggest change we've added.

Some of you handle chat support for several brands or companies. For these cases, we’ve made it possible to create several organizations within one Userlike Account.

Each company begins with their default organization, but several more can be added with their own unique Operators, Widgets, and configuration. You can find these new options in the Company menu of the Userlike Dashboard. Check out the tutorial .