What's New: A Fresh, Clean Look, New Integrations, and More

Our last update was all about features and style. Let’s start with the features.


For those of you running on Typo3, we’ve updated our plugin to work with the latest version. You’ll find our updated tutorial on the integration here .

Help Scout

Shout out to our Help Scout users! You can now see in the Chat Panel the Help Scout tickets that relate to the customer you’re chatting with. If any such tickets exists, you’ll see them under the Helpscout section of the Customer Information when requesting the tickets. Just configure your Help Scout Addon to activate this feature.

Cloudflare Integration

What’s more, we’re now available in the Cloudflare Apps . Those with a Cloudflare hosted site can easily add our chat. Check out our Cloudflare Tutorial to learn about the integration.

Screenshot of the Userlike profile in the cloudfare app directory.

OMQ Integration

Many of you have asked for a knowledge base integration through which your customers can get answers to commonly-asked questions. For this, we’ve teamed up with OMQ, which offers such a knowledge base. Those with an OMQ account can now connect it with Userlike. This means that during a chat, when Webvisitors start typing words that relate to answers covered in your OMQ knowledge base, these answers will pop up as suggestions in the Chat Window. Reach out to OMQ to set this up.

Operator Timelines

Analytics underwent a major upgrade with a new key performance indicator (KPI). You can now see the status of your operators using our Operator Timelines. Simply select some of your operators and a specific date. You’ll then see a 24-hour timeline with color coded statuses displaying when your operators were online, offline, or away.

Overview of the operator timelines graph displaying the operator status.

New Website

Now over to the style section. Besides the above features, we’ve given our website a new face. If you haven’t done so yet, take a look ! Thomas and Peter have really outdone themselves. Especially check out the new Team and Messenger page.

Screenshot of the new homepage showing a computer and a mobile phone.

We hope you’ll enjoy these improvements!