What's New: Command Responses for Bots, Support for Images, Videos and Chips

Whether you want to post questions with defined answers, share an image or send a video directly in the chat, we've got you covered.

We've made it easy to add such commands to your HTTP Bots (available from the Flex Product) so you can communicate in more ways and share what you need. If you're eager to get started with our new commands, take a look at our handy HTTP Chat Bot Tutorial under the Chat Commands section!

If you aren't on our Flex Product, you can still take advantage of these new chat commands in the Chat Panel. The above tutorial explains how to use these commands easily to your web visitors.

Chatbot users will also be happy to know that we've made it possible to receive responses to your commands so you know if they've failed or succeeded. For example, if your bot forwards a chat to another operator, but the operator slots are full, you'll now be notified of this. To enable Chat Command Responses, just head to your Bot Operator in the Userlike Dashboard and make it so.