What's New: Improved Analytics and Chat, a Better Chat Butler, External Tracking

Analytics is a feature we've offered at Userlike early on. However, we felt it was high time we took a closer look and not only make Analytics smarter, but give you the options to make it work for you. Here's what you need to know about our new features in June.


At Customer Success, we often faced questions about our Analytics KPIs and what they do. Now each of the measurements has an info icon next to them, so you can hover your mouse pointer over and see an explanation of what they do. Customers also came to us, noticing that their chat totals were different after changing topics for their chats. Now when the topic is changed, only the topic will be altered and your daily chat totals will remain the same. No more confusion!

Analytics donut charts showing Operators online.

When it came to your operators online/away status, you may have wondered how you could have a small fraction of an operator online or away. We improved our Operator Status KPIs to show a percentage that will make understanding your Operator comings and goings much easier.

Monthly graph showing percentage of Operators online.

Now, on to what's new and exciting in Analytics. Many of our Measurements might throw a lot of data at you that doesn't fit into a graph or table. So now when you want a clear breakdown of your webvisitors locations or popular chat topics, you can choose to view the information in a pie chart. Now you can clearly see this information in unique colors and receive more information when hovering over with your mouse-pointer.

You are to also able expand your daily and monthly views so you can see much more data at once. You can now view up to two months in the daily view, and two years in your monthly view. Now you can see the bigger picture when it comes to your chat support and sees how your live chat has progressed over time.

What about the information you don't need? Now you can trim the fat from your reports and have the data you need. You can have chat events outside of your service time displayed in gray, or you can completely remove these events so you only see what's happened inside of your service hours. You can find these options within the Userlike Dashboard under Company > Organizations .

Have a look at our Analytics improvements and let us know what you think!

Chat Butler

A friendly robot.

Last time around we introduced Chat Butler to you, giving you the option to gather a bit of information and forward it on. Now Chat Butler will record everything your customers enter in their chats and offline messages so you won't miss a thing.

We've brought more information pertaining to Chat Butler in our add-on tutorials as well. You'll find more information on how to send Chat Butler events to your add-ons such as your API addon, as well as Slack and Email Ticket. Have a look at our tutorial page to check them out.

Chat Panel

Our Chat Panel has also received a polish! You can now copy any message received in a chat session, even as a customer is typing and the live-preview is updating. Just hover over the message and you will see a clickable icon that will quickly copy the text.

After getting some feedback from our customers, you can now scroll anywhere within the Chat Panel as customers are typing to you, without the page auto-scrolling to the chat field. This leaves you free to check the customer information below without being interrupted.

Chat Macros

We find Chat Macros to be immensely useful and underutilized. Because you may have a lot of responses saved for this purpose, macros are now sorted alphabetically in the Chat Panel menu, making the process of selecting the macro you need much easier.

External Tracking API

Last up, we introduce a new feature for our Custom Customers - our External Tracking API.

Many large companies wish to track certain chat events, plus track information such as unique user IDs, names, etc. This is now possible to do in homegrown solutions that your company has developed, or in tracking tools that are not already implemented into Userlike. The Userlike chat client will send relevant tracking events to a Javascript callback function that you need to provide.

You can have your development team follow our Tracking API Tutorial to get started.