What's New: Make Your Userlike Account More Secure With Login Verification

With this month's feature update, we focused on data privacy – a topic we know is especially important to many of you.

With the new Login verification, your Operators can authorize themselves through an account validation link that gets send to their email address. When the Operator successfully validates her identity, she can log into her account as usual.

You can also define a timeframe for which you want to validate your Operators. So when an employee leaves your company, for example, you can be sure that they no longer have access to your Userlike account, making your setup more secure.

To provide you with an optimal overview of your Userlike account, we also added new filter options to the audit log and improved the information flow for adding new Operators. When you're the owner of the account, you now receive a copy of the email with all information on the new Operator. Enjoy!