What's New: Performance Improvements, Messenger Wallpapers, and More

Last Friday we released some improvements and new features to Unified Messaging.

Stability and performance improvements

The most important improvements with this release are performance-related. We’ve had some issues with Unified Messaging's stability lately. Our backend development team has been focusing exclusively on these issues for the past few weeks.

The first signs look good. We're looking forward to hearing about your experience!

Messenger board wallpapers

We’ve added a new customization option to give your Messenger Board a little twist: wallpapers. Besides the standard uniform color, you can choose between three translucent patterns that add a stylish look to your welcome screen. The wallpaper overlays your chosen widget color.

Widget Editor appearance tab.
Pick your Website Messenger pattern.

Also note the added Contrasting color box in your Widget Editor’s Appearance tab. If you choose a light color for your Website Messenger, we recommend choosing black as your contrasting color to ensure a good reading experience for your web visitors.

Smaller improvements

All conversations feedback column. In the All Conversations overview, you now have an extra column that indicates whether the contact left feedback on the conversation. If you click on the blue Feedback icon, a popup will appear showing the comment you received. This saves you time jumping into the conversation.

Feedback column.
See customer feedback from the conversation overview.

Contact conversation filters. You can now also filter conversations in the contact profile view. You can filter by Assignee, Status, Topic, Rating, Operator group, Widget, Locale, Channel, Feedback or a specified date range.

Contact notes. You and your colleagues can now add contact notes in the contact profile area. This is useful for general comments that don’t relate to any specific conversation. For example, you can use it to indicate that the contact is a brand advocate.

The contact profile.
Add contact notes within the contact profile.

Delete Contact. This option is now also available within the contact profile. You find it by clicking on the three dots at the top right of the bar. This is especially relevant to GDPR regulations when a customer asks you to delete all their data.

Delete contact option.
You can now delete a contact from the contact profile.

Japanese and Chinese in Live Translation. Within the Message Center, we’ve expanded our Live Translation with Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

Message Center input field.
Live translation of your conversations to Japanese or Chinese.

System messages tweak. A small readability tweak to the system messages within your Conversations. Subjects and objects are now bolded.

We’re looking forward to hearing how these optimizations and new features work for you. Happy chatting!