Whats New: Better Transcript Emails, Google Tag Manager, and More

Summer has reached its peak, but we're not in vacation mode. Instead, we've worked on bringing you some hot new features. Here's your overview of our August update.

Chat Transcript Emails

We heard from some of you that you’d like to personalize the chat transcript emails to your customers. If you’re on our Business plan or higher, you can now add your logo to the emails. You can also add a footer link, and add your social media URLs to our available buttons for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. You’ll find these options in your Widget Configuration under Wording > Transcript Emails .

You can also send these customers transcript emails from your own email server or helpdesk system. For this you’ll need to add your server’s callback URL to the appropriate fields in your Widget Configuration, which you can find in the Behavior section at the bottom of the page. Have a look at our tutorial .

Google Tag Manager

Some of you who’ve integrated Userlike with Google Tag Manager (GTM) weren’t receiving chat events when enabling Google Analytics, so we’ve improved our GTM integration. Now if you use Google Analytics in GTM, you’ll get all the events that are sent from your Widget. Have a look at our Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics tutorials to get started.

New Languages

Supporting customers in Asia? We’re adding more languages to our widget, today starting with Japanese, Korean, and Thai. You can set these new languages in your widget configuration under the General tab. This is just the beginning – keep an eye out for more language support in the coming months.

The widget editor showing the different languages you can select.

Widget Timelines

Last month we introduced the new Operator Timeline KPI for tracking the status of your operators over the day. Now you can see a similar timeline for your widgets’ availability. You’ll find both of these KPIs in your Analytics section.

Userlike's widget timelines showing the widget status.


Turbolinks offers users the ability to have a site that feels a lot faster, as with a single-page application. Userlike now automatically detects if you’re using Turbolinks and listens to the Turbolinks events to load and restore the Widget on Page Navigations. Note that we only support Turbolinks 5+; Turbolinks Classic (2.x) is not directly supported. If this is something your business depends on, please drop us a note.


Pay via Paypal or bank transfer? You can now easily set up these payment options on your Subscription page . Select the Request Alternative Payment button to send us your details. Paypal and bank transfer payments are available to customers on 12 or 24-month subscriptions.

Enjoy the new improvements and happy chatting!