What's New: Transcript Customization, Chat Storage Management and More

We've introduced some new features!

If you’re on one of our premium products you’re now able to customize the transcript emails sent to your Webvisitors, instead of the fixed Userlike reply. You can set the emails’ subject, greeting, body and close. You find these new text editing options in the widget configuration, under Wording and Transcripts .

The transcript wording section of the widget editor.

You can now also set the time for chats and offline messages to be stored before they are automatically deleted from the Userlike system. You can set a timeframe between 1 and 36 months. Find this option in the Userlike Dashboard under Company and Settings .

The company settings sections in the Userlike dashboard.

What's more, we've added a tutorial to help those using Content Security Policy (CSP) on their website. If CSP is used, we provide a couple rules that allow Userlike to function while maintaining your security settings. Find our tutorial here .

We wanted to improve Userlike's functionality for customers with Single Page Application (SPA) websites. Operators are now able to see updated URLs in the customer information within the Chat Panel as they navigate to different areas of your SPA site. This is also extremely helpful for those that set Chat Goals, as this data can now be captured.

It's not always easy to make things smarter while keeping them simple, but we've done just that with our new Notification options . Not only have we simplified things by putting all notification settings in one place, we’ve also improved the setup of sophisticated notifications.

You can subscribe to the notification channels of your choosing, and select exactly which channels are needed, be it browser, email, or audio notifications.

The Notifications tab in your Widget Editor.

There's more! You can now decide which operator receives which notifications, which widgets trigger browser or email notifications, and choose which widgets trigger add-on events. This means that every addon doesn't need to be attached to every widget. Check out the new notification options in your widget and operator configurations!

Here are some more features we thought you’d be interested in:

  • JIRA Integration. We now offer a JIRA Addon to offer more ways to help Webvisitors. Find our tutorial here .
  • Chatbot Tutorial. We now offer a concrete guide on how to set up a chatbot with Userlike. Check it out here .
  • Proactive mode options. We know some customers want to keep their mobile site visible for their customers, so now it's possible to proactively offer a chat on a desktop site, and choose either to enable or disable proactive mode on a mobile site.
  • Profanity filter. You can now disable your widgets profanity filter if you have certain subjects that need a more colorful approach.