What's New: Notification Options: Now for Facebook and Telegram Messenger!

Our Facebook and Telegram integrations give your customers more ways to reach out to you. We've now improved how you're notified for all incoming Facebook and Telegram messages.

Before, the messenger channel widgets didn't have any notification options, which meant that all of your Operators would receive notifications. Now you have the option to enable or disable the same notifications options as with your other widgets.

If you head into your Facebook or Telegram widget, you'll now see the Notifications tab. Once there, you can select if you want your entire team, or just the operator group, to receive notifications for chats or offline messages. You can also choose to disable browser notifications or the connection to your add-ons, should you not want these events to be sent.

If you're on our Corporate Product or higher and have interest in our Facebook and Telegram Messenger Channels, take a look and expand your chat support to your customers' favorite messaging apps!