What's New: Import & Export Macros, Improved Skills Routing & Matomo

Here are our new features in March.

Import & Export your Chat Macros, now with Umlauts

Not long ago, we started offering the option to add translations to your Chat Macros for better multi-language support . Now it's possible to export your macros as a spreadsheet file to be opened and edited in programs such as Excel or Atom.

After editing, you can import your full list of macros back into your Userlike Dashboard. Have a look at our extended Chat Macros section in our Account Setup Tutorial .

In Germany we know that we couldn't truly express ourselves without a good umlaut. Now our German-speaking customers can name their Chat Macros using ümläüts. (ö)

Improved Skills Routing Interface and Matomo

Our last release saw a brand new method of routing your chats via Skill Sets. We wanted to spruce things up a bit and give you a smart, clear view for your Skills. Now you'll see each Skill and individual Skill Set more clearly. If your Widget has Skill-based routing enabled, you'll see this in your Widget Overview, along with a small info bubble that will display your skill sets when you hover over it with your mouse pointer.

We also updated our Tracking section in the Widget configuration to display Matomo, formerly known as Piwik. No worries to those of you using this integration. We only updated the name, not the integration itself!