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Boost engagement, drive sales and deliver personal experiences with conversational marketing and customer support on the #1 messaging app.

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Take your business to the next level with WhatsApp Get closer to your customers with WhatsApp Campaigns and more

Make it easy for customers to connect and create interactive conversational experiences that accelerate business growth.

WhatsApp marketing

Build targeted WhatsApp campaigns that your audience wants to read – and stand out from the competition with 10x higher open rates than email.

A mobile device showing a WhatsApp newsletter from a pet supply store.
Create targeted
WhatsApp Campaigns

WhatsApp support

Support has never been more convenient. Your customers can start a conversation with your business on their favorite app and pick it back up anytime, anywhere.

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Meet customers where
their friends are

WhatsApp chatbots

Deploy automated conversation flows with Userlike's chatbot solution for WhatsApp. Boost your customer experience and optimize support costs with 24/7 availability and one-click quick actions.

An AI chatbot responds to a customer’s question by showing button options with related topics.

GDPR-compliant software Your customer conversations are always secured

Made in Germany

We store all chat data on our servers in Germany with ISO 27001-certified hosting.

Clear consent management

Transparent customer opt-in handled by Userlike is the cornerstone of WhatsApp business.

Encrypted connections

Connections between you and your customers are encrypted, private and secured.

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We decided for Userlike because it provides us with a platform for all messaging services. That allows us to have one solution for WhatsApp and website chat. Additionally, and crucial for us, we can also seamlessly integrate our self-developed bot with Userlike.

Fenna Luhmann - Product Manager, Service Automation - Hermes Germany

Fenna Luhmann
Product Manager, Service Automation

Hermes Germany

Messaging at every touch point How to connect with your customers on WhatsApp

Chatting is simple. With Userlike, starting a conversation with your brand will be just as smooth - at every stage of the buyer journey.

Improve website experience

Promote WhatsApp offline! By scanning your unique QR code, customers can immediately start a chat or sign up for your WhatsApp newsletter all while interacting with your brand in person.

Messenger icons displayed at the bottom of a chat widget as alternate channel options.
Embed WhatsApp in
your website chat
Reduce friction

Strategically place WhatsApp buttons at touch points with high drop-off rates, like checkout, to resolve last doubts in an instant.

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Reduce cart
Build cross-channel connections

Invite your Facebook and Instagram followers to reach out on WhatsApp. Build a foundation of trust and significantly increase your conversion rate.

An Instagram photo showing a bird’s eye view of carefully arranged pet products and an agent view of a WhatsApp conversation with a customer via the Userlike Message Center.
Connect Instagram
to WhatsApp
Transform point of sale

Promote WhatsApp offline! By scanning your unique QR code, customers can immediately start a chat or sign up for your WhatsApp newsletter all while interacting with your brand in person.

A newsletter showing a dog laying in a dog bed, a bird’s eye view of carefully arranged pet products and a chat bubble with a welcome message and opt-in button options.
Promote your
WhatsApp newsletter

WhatsApp for business Download the complete beginner's guide

You'll learn everything you need to know about using WhatsApp in business. Including practical use cases for marketing, sales and HR plus tips for a successful start.

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Omni messaging, all in one place Message Center

Customer messaging powered by Userlike’s WhatsApp Business Platform. Supercharge WhatsApp with professional features for working effectively in a team, such as smart routing, live translations, analytics and much more.

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Messages from different channels like WhatsApp and Facebook landing in the Message Center.
All channels combined
Messages from different channels like WhatsApp and Facebook landing in the Message Center.
Customer messaging
Contact and conversation information next to the dialog area.
Valuable context
at your fingertips

Frequently asked questions

WhatsApp offers two options for businesses: the Business App and Business Platform. The WhatsApp Business App is an enhanced version of the private app and is tailored for small businesses. However, it's not GDPR-compliant, making it unsuitable for professional use if companies need to adhere to European data privacy regulations. A WhatsApp Business Platform such as Userlike connects to your WhatsApp account via the official WhatsApp Business API. This solution is scalable, GDPR-compliant and allows businesses to send WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

Setting up the WhatsApp channel is simple. Sign up for a Userlike account if you don't have one yet. We'll guide you step by step to connect your WhatsApp account and set up your business profile. When you're done, you can start engaging your customers on their favorite app.

Anytime you send a message to customers first, e.g. newsletters, you need to use a message template. You can create and submit the template to WhatsApp directly from your Userlike account. Once approved, you can use your message templates repeatedly. Placeholders (e.g. for links, names or offers) allow you to customize the template for each campaign. If you don't reply to a request for 24 hours or more, you need a message template because it’s counted as a new conversation initiated by your business. With this 24h service window, WhatsApp incentivizes companies to respond in a timely manner.

Any business can apply to receive a green checkmark. You can start the process in Userlike or Facebook Business Manager. The application must contain proof that your brand is notable and well-known. Businesses have no control over whether their WhatsApp Business account will receive the green checkmark badge or not. However, you can resubmit your application after one month.

You can only create WhatsApp newsletters via a WhatsApp Business Platform such as Userlike. With Userlike’s WhatsApp Campaigns feature, you create a template for your newsletter and get it approved by WhatsApp within minutes. Placeholders allow you to adapt the campaign to different target groups and purposes. Once you're done, you select a subscriber group, a delivery time – and start sending!

All messages initiated by a business must be approved before they are sent. In addition to marketing messages, such as newsletters, this includes transactional messages (e.g. order confirmations) and authentications. This is WhatsApp's way of preventing spam messages from being mass sent on its platform.

Yes! Userlike's WhatsApp Business Platform enables businesses to use WhatsApp Business in a GDPR-compliant way. Userlike is a German company using a certified server infrastructure hosted in Germany and comes with advanced data security features that go beyond the standard. WhatsApp messages are generally encrypted, which means that third parties cannot read them – making this channel more secure than a traditional email.

Both WhatsApp and Userlike messages are encrypted. However, as the two systems need to be linked, it can’t be called “end-to-end encrypted.” With Userlike's secure data protection setup, communication with your customers still remains fully protected and GDPR-compliant.

With Userlike, you get access to WhatsApp Business from the Team plan onward. If you want to use more than one WhatsApp channel (i.e. more than one number) you can reach out to discuss your needs with our support team.

With Userlike, 1,000 WhatsApp support conversations (“user-initiated conversations“) are free of charge every month. This amount generally covers the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. If you stay below this limit, there are no additional costs. Starting with conversation 1,001, WhatsApp charges a small cent fee per conversation varying by country. Business-initiated conversations are charged starting from the first message. The fee varies by country and topic (marketing, transactions and authentications). You can find a cost chart and examples in our article “WhatsApp Business Pricing: What Costs You Can Expect” .

You can send marketing messages using Userlike’s WhatsApp Campaigns tool. There are additional costs for this. From the Team plan onward, 100 campaign messages are included every month. You only pay a processing fee of one cent per marketing message. If you book the optional WhatsApp Campaigns add-on for €39 you can send unlimited campaign messages (plus processing fees). Since marketing messages are business-initiated, WhatsApp charges apply for message templates. You can find a cost chart and examples in the article “WhatsApp Business Pricing: What Costs You Can Expect” .

Every Userlike account with access to WhatsApp Business (starting from the Team plan) gets 1,000 user-initiated conversations for free every month. No further charges for the WhatsApp Channel will apply.

WhatsApp does not charge per message but per conversation. A conversation covers a 24-hour period when any amount of messages can be exchanged. The period starts as soon as you reply or proactively contact the customer.