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Extend your customer communication to the world’s most popular messaging app. Support was never so personal – or so easy.

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Why WhatsApp? Earn a spot among your customers’ friends

While your website is the best place for starting conversations with your customers, WhatsApp is the best channel for staying in touch.

The #1 messaging app

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging app. It’s the default means of private communication in many countries and is used across age groups. And now, you can use it to reach your customers.

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End-to-end encrypted

Communication between a business and its customer should be private and secured. WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption fits perfectly with Userlike’s vow for data privacy.

End-to-end encryption on customer communication between WhatsApp and Userlike.

WhatsApp + Userlike Connect to the WhatsApp Business API

Connecting the WhatsApp Business API to Userlike gives you the perfect solution for professional WhatsApp support.


Userlike’s group features allow you to offer WhatsApp support in a team setup, such as organizing your agents according to their function.

Intelligent chat system guiding WhatsApp conversations to the right support rep.
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Professional support features

Userlike is your business layer on top of WhatsApp that arms you with professional support and sales features like routing, assignment, status and topic tagging, notes, analytics and much more.

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Security & control

Control your company’s WhatsApp communication. Userlike keeps it in one central place and not spread across private WhatsApp accounts on employee devices.

Overview of WhatsApp customer communication within Userlike’s dashboard.
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Omni-messenger communication

Although WhatsApp is the champ, your customers are still divided between the different messaging apps. With Userlike, you have the most important ones covered: website chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS and Telegram – with more coming. Your all-in-one messaging solution!

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