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The WhatsApp channel

Reach your customers on the world’s most popular messaging app. Support was never so personal – or so easy.

Userlike’s Message Center with various customer conversations conducted through the WhatsApp channel.

WhatsApp + Userlike Connect to the WhatsApp Business API

Professional support solution

Userlike is your business layer on top of WhatsApp that equips you with professional support and sales features like routing, assignment, status and topic tagging, notes, live translation, analytics and much more.

Automation and chatbots

Use our chatbot features to automate (parts of) your WhatsApp communication. You can use our logic bot builder or connect Userlike to an external chatbot.


Offer WhatsApp support in a team setup with Userlike’s group features. Organize your agents according to their function, assigning skills, match them with customer requests, and more.

Rich media support

Enrich your support with rich media. Easily exchange pictures, videos and other types of media with your customers.


Set up WhatsApp Business templates in your Userlike account for standard replies outside of the service window.

Omni-messenger communication

WhatsApp may be the market leader, but your customers are distributed among the messaging apps. With Userlike, you can reach your customers over the most important ones: website chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Telegram and Threema.

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“Omotenashi” is an integral part of Toyota’s corporate philosophy. It stands for high attention and care. That’s why we offer our website visitors the option to reach us over WhatsApp, which is the most convenient and familiar channel for many of them.

Roland Blasks Roland Blask
Senior Specialist
Customer Experience @ TOYOTA
Plan: Business

GDPR compliance Your customer conversations are always secured

Hosted in Germany

Hosted in Germany

We store all chat data on our servers in Germany with ISO 27001-certified hosting. Our server setup is at the core of our data security.

Extensive privacy features

Extensive privacy features

Our wide range of privacy features guarantees security for you, your customers and your employees.

Encrypted connections

Encrypted connections

Connections between you and your customers are encrypted, private and secured.

Frequently asked questions

WhatsApp offers two options for business use: the Business App and the Business API. Which one is right for you depends mostly on the size of your business. The WhatsApp Business App is an out-of-the-box solution built for small businesses. It offers a set of built-in business features, but its main limitation is that it only allows for one user. So it doesn’t work for professional service teams. The WhatsApp Business API was built for larger businesses with professional customer communication teams. It’s scalable and allows businesses to flexibly connect to solutions like Userlike.

WhatsApp messages that customers send to you are always free, and so are the replies that you send back to them within a 24-hour service window. If you want to message customers outside of this 24-hour period, you have to use a pre-approved message template. With Userlike, you are not charged extra for the use of these template messages.

Unfortunately, businesses have no control over whether their WhatsApp Business account will be verified or not. WhatsApp checks and decides on this based on a variety of factors, most importantly whether it concerns a “reputable brand”. So if you’re working for a well-known company, then your WhatsApp Business account will likely get a verified badge soon after setup.

Due to spam-related abuse, the WhatsApp Business API does not offer newsletter functionality anymore. The closest thing is “broadcasts” in the regular business app, with a limited number of 256 contacts. This is not available in the Business API.

The use of automation (i.e. chatbots) is allowed during the customer service window after a customer sends you a message, as long as the chatbot offers an easy escalation option to human support reps. You can use Userlike’s chatbot infrastructure for this.

Yes. The WhatsApp Business API’s secure setup enables companies to use WhatsApp in their customer communication. WhatsApp messages are encrypted, which means that third parties can’t read them – making this solution more secure than a conventional email.

To use the WhatsApp Business API, you need to connect it to a business solution like Userlike. Both WhatsApp and Userlike messages are encrypted. But because the two systems must be connected, it can’t be called “end-to-end encrypted.” It is, however, GDPR-compliant.

Userlike’s servers are located in Germany in a GDPR-compliant setup. No access for third parties.

With Userlike, you get access to one WhatsApp channel in the Team plan. If you want to use more than one channel (i.e. more than one number), it is best to talk to our support team. With our Flex plan, we can offer a setup tailored to your requirements.

From the Team plan, the WhatsApp channel is included in the price. Userlike also covers the variable costs of template messages that WhatsApp charges on top of that.

To message customers outside of the 24-hour service window you have to use a pre-approved message template. Normally WhatsApp charges a small fee per message, but when you use Userlike you don’t pay extra for these messages.

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