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Chatbot support is no match for its human counterpart when it comes to detecting emotions, understanding context, or knowing when to stray from any given protocol.

But chatbots can be very useful for machine-like tasks. The repetitive part of the service process that support agents are happy to do without. Here are a few examples of what you can do with the Userlike chatbot API.

Chatbot based on TARS from Interstellar.

Collect basic information

Use a chatbot to take over the boring part of any support interaction – asking for the issue and collecting the customer information – before forwarding the chat to its human colleagues.

Chatbot collecting customer information before forwarding the chat to an operator.
Operator can start the
chat with a clear context

Answer frequent questions

Use our HTTP API framework to connect your own logic – allowing your chatbots to recognize and answer frequent questions. You could even connect it to IBM Watson.

Chatbot providing an answer on a frequently asked question.
Inject your logic into the chat
Chatbot tutorial

Offer sales support

Use our API to offer multiple-option menus and probe your customers about their interests to offer relevant information.

Chatbot probing the customer about the type of product she is interested in.

Guide your customers to the right operator group

Chatbots can be a nice interactive way to guide your visitors to the right operator group. Use our Chatbot API to let your chatbot act as a support distributor.

Chatbot asking the customer which operator group she would like to be forwarded to.

Create tickets

If the interaction cannot lead to a chat, let your chatbot create a ticket out of it for later follow-up.

Chatbot creating support tickets in case all operators are busy.
Use your chatbot to be available when
your operators are busy
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