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Chatbot Across Channels

Powerful automation and chatbot features for your business, linked by a centralized, AI-powered knowledge base.

Improve your service experience with artificial intelligence One knowledge base, powered by AI

Feed your central knowledge base with the information your customers are looking for and speed up your support workflows. Our no-code solution makes AI automation simple. Connect your CRM, database or any other external system to automate entire processes.

AI Chatbots with the power of GPT-4

AI Chatbots with the power of GPT-4

Embrace the future of AI customer support and bring your customer service to the next level. Optimize customer interactions through precise responses, natural communication, and advanced comprehension.

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24/7 self-service with automation Automation for any customer touchpoint

Whether you rely on chat, contact forms or FAQs, our AI is always present to recognize questions and distribute your answers in real-time. So you can reduce service costs and your team can focus on the personal interactions that really matter.

AI chatbot

An advanced digital assistant that recognizes customer intentions, uses machine learning, works on all channels and is ready to go in 10 minutes.

AI-powered chatbot in customer interactions on Userlike’s Website Messenger, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.
AI bot support
across all channels
Smart FAQ

An interactive help section that empowers your customers to find answers their questions by autocompleting their inputs and highlighting trending topics. Categories act as starting points for complex issues.

FAQ section with categories that updates its list of questions based on the customer’s search input.
Trending questions,
always at the top
Contact form suggestions

The intelligent extension of your contact form that suggests relevant answers based on what your customers are typing – before they even hit the enter key. Customize to any design.

Contact form with real-time search suggestions based on the customer’s input.
Solve requests
before they’re sent
With Userlike we were able to integrate our self-developed bot and use our platform to control it across all messaging services. Patrick Staufenbiel | Process Manager, Hermes
10 K chatbot requests daily
600 + WhatsApp conversations in week one
Patrick Staufenbiel | Process Manager, Hermes

Save with automation Chatbot ROI Calculator

Are you curious about the financial benefits a chatbot can bring to your business? Use our advanced chatbot ROI calculator to calculate how much time and money your business can save each month with our AI Automation Hub.

How much can your business save by using an AI chatbot?

Enter the number of requests
Enter the duration in minutes
Incl. average agent salary, support software costs, maintenance costs, etc.

Your results

Requests handled by chatbot
Estimated number of requests answered by the chatbot per month.
Time saved by chatbot
Estimated time saved by the chatbot per month.
Cost savings per month
Estimated cost savings from the chatbot per month.

Why Userlike Automation done right

Chatbots for websites

Build a chatbot that answers frequently asked questions on your website, or build a chatbot funnel that turns visitors into leads.

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your website
Chatbots for websites

Chatbots for messaging channels

Automate answering customer requests that come in through WhatsApp, Messenger, Threema or other channels.

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your messaging channels
Chatbots for messaging channels

Combine chatbots with human support

Chatbots are fast, but they can’t answer every customer request. With Userlike, you can build your chatbot to seamlessly escalate requests to your human support team.

Arrow Your chatbot answers
or forwards
Combine chatbots with human support

Your chatbot options with Userlike The optimal solution for your needs

AI-powered chatbot

Our most advanced chatbot. Connected to your custom knowledge base, built to recognize customer intentions and stocked with ready-to-go dialogues – yet fully customizable. This bot makes a real difference in your support and sales processes and is at home on any messaging channel.

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Self-service chatbot

Chatbot API

Connect an existing chatbot to Userlike via an HTTP API. This offers the potential of creating a highly advanced chatbot, e.g. by connecting an AI solution like IBM Watson.

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Chatbot API