The Message Center All interactions in one central place

No matter which channels your customers use, answer all messages from one central place for professional support and sales. Userlike enables your team to deliver its best and takes your customer communication to the next level.

Complete view of the Message Center with some conversations.
Messages from different channels like WhatsApp and Facebook landing in the Message Center.
All channels combined
Messages from different channels like WhatsApp and Facebook landing in the Message Center.
Customer messaging
Contact and conversation information next to the dialog area.
Valuable context
at your fingertips

Seamless team support Smart distribution and collaboration

Whether automatic or manual routing, always let the best-suited person answer the chat.

Groups & skills

No more waiting queues or clumsy choice menus. Let customers select which department to talk to or automatically connect them to a person with the right skills.

Conversations being routed to agents based on group affiliation and skills.
Distribute requests
based on skills
Forwards with context

Customer requests can shift, sometimes you need to forward them to colleagues. Our redirects contain the entire chat history, so your customers don’t have to repeat themselves and your colleagues can directly pick up the thread.

Conversation in the inbox being forwarded to another agent.
Easy forwarding
to the local expert
Individual and shared inbox

Each of your agents has an own inbox to focus fully on their current conversations. In addition, they can independently pick and answer requests waiting in the team inbox.

An agent’s individual inbox containing live conversations.
Shared team inbox containing new conversations.
Your shared
team inbox
Chat slots

Limit the number of conversations you can have at once and always stay in control. Start at a comfortable level and increase your slots as your skills grow.

An agent’s chat slot utilization visualized next to their inbox.
Simultaneous chats,
capped by slots

Personalized support at scale More context, less friction

Access a wide range of information to provide highly targeted and personal support. Customer data such as email, location, visited pages or related conversations are always at your fingertips while you chat. So is conversation data collected in and outside of Userlike, giving you the full picture.

Boxes filled with various customer data.
Turn anonymous visitors
into real people
Boxes filled with various conversation data.
Add own data
from third-party tools

Fun meets efficiency Chat tools for modern support

Eliminate the trade-off between service quality and cost.

Chat macros

Set up canned messages for common questions. Use them as templates or send them directly. With our quick commands, you whip out the perfect answer in no time.

Conversation in the inbox being forwarded to another agent.
Message templates
for common situations
Calls with screen sharing

Easily switch from customer chats to video calls and screen sharing. Perfect for explaining complex topics or capturing a warm lead.

Video call window on top of a conversation.
Easily switch from chats
to video calls
File uploads

Securely share files with your customers and receive theirs. Full media support with smart previews.

Customer and agent exchanging images and files in a conversation.
Share any
file type
Live Translation

Automatically translate your messages into more than 25 languages and your customer’s messages into your language. Offer global support with any team.

Customer and agent messages being translated into each other’s language.
Support in
any language

Always in sync Your individual notification setup

Stay on top of multiple simultaneous conversations and never miss a message.

Custom notifications

Choose between visual and audible notifications depending on your surroundings and use case. Create a personalized notification workflow by defining the events you want to learn about.

Audio and browser notification settings.
Create your own
notification setup

Inactivity timer

Set yourself an alarm for responding to live chat messages. A loading bar on conversations shows you how much time you have left until you’re reminded to reply – as loud and often as you want.

Inactivity timer setup menu and inactivity timer in action.
Never miss
a chat

Everything in its right place Easy conversation management

Keep things organized as you streamline your support and sales workflows.

Real-time editing and overview

View and edit your conversations’ key attributes directly from a comprehensive overview table.

Topic selection menu on a conversation in the conversation overview.
Update conversations
from the overview
Smart filtering

Quickly find what you’re looking for with our extensive selection of conversation filters.

Filter options in the conversation overview, the channel filter menu is open.
Refined search,
precise results
Bulk actions

Manage conversations in batches and stay agile even with high support volumes.

Several conversations in the overview about to be sent to an add-on via a menu.
Handle multiple tasks
in one go