Our position on data privacy
Live chat software that guarantees data privacy and GDPR compliance

Security and privacy of data has been an important topic for us since starting Userlike. To be able to operate in Germany, we had to adhere to the strict regulations placed on businesses. This has made the switch to the GDPR world a lot easier for us than most of our non-European competitors.

Userlike’s co-founder Timoor Taufig with a quote about Userlike’s data security features.

We’ve started and developed Userlike in Germany – probably the strictest regulatory environment in the world when it comes to data privacy. We take pride in our secured data setup and extensive set of privacy features.

Timoor Taufig | co-founder

GDPR compliance

When you choose Userlike, you choose a customer support solution that is GDPR-compliant. Through our secured data infrastructure and dedicated features, we guarantee privacy and security for your customers, your employees, and your company as a whole.

GDPR compliant chat window.

Userlike’s data infrastructure Our server setup is at the core of our data security

Born and hosted in Germany

All chat data is securely stored on servers within Germany. Always has been, always will be. No access for third parties – including nosy intelligence agencies.

Globe with Userlike’s server location in Germany for storing all personal data.

Features for data privacy and security Privacy for you, your employees, and your customers

Works council compliance

Userlike is multi-client capable and supports full anonymization of operators and contacts. This allows you to prevent performance- and behavior-based monitoring of individual employees – which will also convince your works council.

Live chat agent
Anonymized live chat agent

Data privacy notice

To be even more upfront about it, you can activate a data privacy notice. Your customers will have to consent to this if they want to start a chat.

Userlike’s privacy notice chat feature.
Craft your own
privacy notice text

Automatic data deletion

With Userlike, you can set an expiry date on your data. This means that your customer data (chat transcripts, messages) will be automatically deleted after a time set by you.

A calendar to indicate the time window to have your customers' personal data automatically deleted.
Expiry date for
personal data

Role-based data access

Assign roles to your operators, which allow you to control the level of access to your customer data.

Userlike’s role-based data access feature, with four operators with different levels of access.

Privacy mode

By activating the privacy mode, Userlike won’t collect any customer information that she didn’t explicitly provide – such as location, operating system, and public social media profiles.

Example of a customer profile in the Userlike Message Center.
Example of a customer profile in the Userlike Message Center.

Data access

An important part of the GDPR concerns the ability to show your customers which of their data you own. Our search, filter, download, and data delete features make it easy to quickly comply to such requests.

A chat conversation with a customer asking a chat operator to delete her personal data.

Request Userlike’s data privacy agreement (DPA)

Email our data privacy officer to receive our data privacy agreement (DPA). We are glad to help with any follow-up questions.