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Every feature has a purpose. Check out the feature highlights around Userlike’s five main benefits and download the complete feature overview below.

Unified Messaging Center and Unified Messaging Messenger.
Customer view
Agent view

Customer satisfaction
Solving the common pain points of customer support.

Operator groups

No more waiting queues or clumsy choice menus. The customer selects which department to talk to with a click.

Userlike’s operator groups feature, applied to Globetrotter’s camping department.

All-inclusive button integration

Offer support throughout your customer’s journey. No more media switches away from your website, no more searching for contact options. Only a subtle support reminder that never gets in the way.

Subtle support throughout
your customer’s journey
Example of a chat button integration, showing the face of an operator in the Eyecatcher.

Forwards with context

No matter how smart your customer routing is, sometimes a chat needs to be forwarded to a colleague. The chat transcript accompanies the forward, ensuring that the customer won’t ever have to repeat herself.

A returning customer and her chat conversations with the support agent.
Your conversations

Operator skills

Customers are happiest – and service costs are low – when they are instantly connected to the support rep best qualified to answer their question. Set it up with operator skills.

Userlike’s operator skills feature, applied to Thomann’s guitar department.
The right question
for the guitar hero

Customer loyalty Userlike is a tool for building and nurturing customer relationships.

Sticky Chat

Userlike’s internal chat logic favors the build-up of relationships between customers and employees. The Sticky Chat rule favors chat connections between visitors and operators who have chatted before. If the relevant operator isn’t available, the connection falls back on rules like longest idle time and fair round-robin.

A returning customer and her chat conversations with the support agent.
Userlike remembers
your customers
and connects them with the
Operators they chatted with before

Smart customer profiles

Anonymous web visitors turn into real people. When a customer provides her email address, Userlike automatically builds a customer profile based on her public information.

Example of a customer profile in the Userlike Message Center.
Auto look-up of
social media profiles

CRM integrations

Follow up on valuable leads encountered in the chat by forwarding the chat transcript to your CRM tool of choice.

Customer feedback Get your customer’s opinion without breaking the experience.

Chat rating and feedback

The chat rating is effortless for the customer, and offers instant and actionable feedback for the operator.

Userlike’s chat rating feature, applied to Nivea’s kids department.

Pre- and post- chat survey

Gain insights from your most engaged customers by asking them a simple question right before or after the chat.

Userlike’s chat survey feature, applied to Trivago.

Lead collection and website conversion Features for when smiling faces aren’t enough of a bottom line.

Proactive chat

Proactively reach out to web visitors who may have questions. Make missed opportunities due to doubt a thing of the past.

Proactive live chat inviting a web visitor to chat after a defined time-out.
Define proactive timer

Widget routers

Set up intelligent chat behavior tailored to the information we have on your web visitors. This includes the section of the website they are on, their country of origin, their browser language preference, and more.

Userlike’s Widget Router feature, with a rule-based decision tree guiding the customer to the right operator.
Define your rules
Optimize your
chat system


Easily switch from customer chats to video calls and screen sharing. Perfect for explaining complex topics or capturing a warm lead.

Man having a phone call with a Userlike contact profile in front.

On-page guidance

Instead of explaining where to take a left, where to go right, and where to go straight, take the customer by the hand and guide him to the right page of your website.

Co-browsing example, with a live chat visitor guided to the page he was looking for, triggering a Goal Reached in Userlike’s chat system.
Gentle push to
the right URL

Goal reached: Black Friday Boots

Track the success of your chat service by setting up goals, which are triggered when chatting customers reach specified URLs.

Ready to meet your customers?

Service Efficiency Features that break the trade-off between service quality and costs.

Chat slots

Chat with multiple customers at the same time. Set your number of chat slots to a comfortable level and adjust upwards as your skills grow.

Userlike’s chat slot feature, with one operator having three simultaneous chats.
Simultaneous chats

Chat macros

Set up canned messages for common questions and situations, which you can use as a template or send directly. Use quick commands to send chat macros at lightning speed.

Userlike’s chat macro feature, with an operator using a canned message that asks the customer to hold on for a second.

Chat analytics

Userlike’s built-in analytics show when you’re under- or over support capacity, quality improvements, and more. Embark on a path of continuous improvement.

Chat analytics
Peak time

Chatbots that empower your team

One day, robots might rule the planet. But not today. Today, they help your support team be more efficient and effective.

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