Chat Panel Your cockpit for delivering stunning chat support

Ultimate chat

Custom Design Adjust the design to the look and feel of your website

Our carefully designed chat window feels much like the major messaging apps your customers are familiar with, but with an own style that can be tailored to your brand.

Team Management Organize your team in functional groups

Custom Chat Behavior Set up intelligent chat behavior that fits your goals

Set up your chat logic
with the flip of a switch

Feedback Insights into your service performance

Userlike Chat Butler Your chatbot for website support

Your friendly support bot welcomes your web visitors, collects their questions and info, and notifies your team about the chats via Slack or email. Once a human colleague becomes available, Chat Butler forwards the chat.

Mobile Support Thrive in the mobile age with an optimized chat system

Consumer mobility is an unstoppable trend. More and more people use their phone or tablet to talk with businesses and buy from them.

You need a communication tool that connects with this – one that allows you to reach your customers wherever they are.
That's Userlike.

Whether they are browsing from their desktop, sitting on the couch with their tablet, or on the bus with their smartphone – Userlike guarantees an optimal live chat experience.

Always available
no matter where or when

Analytics Keep track of your key metrics and improve your performance

Analyze data on chats,
ratings, messages, and more