API overview

With our various APIs you can get notifications about events, request information, customize Userlike’s behavior and connect chatbots. Here’s an overview of our APIs with their uses and differences.

Please note that the tutorials linked below are only available in English since they mostly target users with a more technical background for whom English is the de facto standard.

General APIs for different purposes

API Description Product
Add-on API Integrate Userlike into your favorite 3rd party apps or your own notification system. Team
JSON Export data of conversations, contacts, operators, etc. and manage it remotely. Mind the API rate limits. Flex
Analytics Easily integrate Userlike with your favorite third-party tracking software, CRM, or your own custom tracking solutions. Enhance our Analytics data with your own and create customized reports. Corporate
Client tracking If you’re already using an external website tracking solution, you can integrate it with Userlike and add Userlike-specific interactions. Flex
Email callback Send all automatic emails meant for contacts to your own server via a callback URL, instead of sending them through Userlike‘s own email infrastructure. Flex
Custom channel Easily connect any message-based system to Userlike and complement the channels we already support. This could be your own SMS gateway, or your email server. Team

Customize Userlike’s behavior

API Description Product
Website Messenger Control the Website Messenger’s behavior and integration beyond the options we provide in the Messenger settings. Team

Use chatbots

API Description Product
Chatbots Connect your existing chatbot (infrastructure) to Userlike via HTTP. This offers the potential to add even highly advanced chatbots to your support team. Corporate
Userlike Bot Language Build a new chatbot from scratch within Userlike. Our Userlike Bot Language allows you to write bot scripts with a simple, minimal syntax, which can be used in your Website Messenger and messaging channels. Corporate