Video calls Meet your customers on eye level

The whole world uses video calls to stay in touch. Now you can leverage the flexible and popular communication mode for your support and sales. Add another dimension to your communication and meet your visitors just the way they want.

A chat agent and customer in a video call.
Audio calls
Video calls
Screen sharing
Device transfer
Secure calling
No app required

Benefits Easily switch from chat to video calls and screen sharing

No longer force customers and agents to another app just to have a call. With Userlike, calls are integrated directly into the chat, unifying all your communication in one place.

Enhance your chat support

Start calls in the same context-rich environment where you exchange messages with customers. Make phone and video a seamless extension of the chat experience, with customer data right at your fingertips.

A customer asks about a kitchen setup in the chat and an agent offers a call.
Offer calls
inside conversations
Reduce follow-ups

Besides voice and camera, you and your customers can choose to share their screens. Let no information fall by the wayside, resolve requests more thoroughly and reduce the need for follow-ups.

A customer, who is sharing their screen, is guided through an online car configurator by an agent.
Boost customer satisfaction

Digital face-to-face contact has never been this easy or widely accepted. All your customers need is an internet connection plus a device with a camera and browser. Improve their satisfaction by offering the most personal channel.

A customer and  an agent cheerfully greeting each other in a video call.
video calling

Use cases Equipped for any scenario

Handle any support scenario in the most efficient manner and showcase your products in a whole new style. Boost support and sales in ways your competitors aren’t even aware of.

Solving complex issues

Speaking is faster than typing. Switch to calls for interactions with large amounts of information and cut resolution times significantly.

An elderly couple discusses a topic with an agent via video call.
When a chat
doesn’t cut it
Showcasing products

Guide your customers through digital products using screen sharing or switch to your mobile camera to present physical products live and in detail.

A customer in a video call looking at his laptop screen, which shows the interior of a car.
Showcase products
live and in detail
Offering truly personal support

Sometimes text support feels too distant. Think high-stake purchases and sensitive topics like finance, law, or health. A video call lets you create a trusting environment to match these situations.

A pregnant woman looking at her phone and her doctor appearing in a mobile device’s video call screen.
Build trust

Secure calling Always in control

Our calls feature is designed to overcome the common pitfalls of traditional phone support. Engage your customers in a more personal way without sacrificing privacy and efficiency.


As long as agents are in calls, they don’t receive new conversations. Our intelligent routing system directs chats only to colleagues who are free to respond. You concentrate on the call and your customers don’t have to wait.

An agent receives a customer’s chat message while another agent is unavailable because he’s in a call.
Get no new chats
while in a call

Customer support is efficient when it’s predictable. That’s why you start the call, not your customers. They can then choose whether to take it. A secure setup for all sides.

An agent offers a customer to discuss her issue in a call and the customer receives the call in the chat window.
You make the call

Before each call, you and your customer can choose what to share — whether it's your voice, face, or screen. Add a blurred background or choose a custom one

A video call’s preparation screen with an agent looking into the camera and enabling the background blur.
Prepare each call
in a lobby screen