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Easy Installation

No downloads, just copy and paste your Userlike Widget Code into your website and start chatting from our dashboard.

Privacy & Security

Userlike offers secured data and adheres to the privacy regulations of your country. Hosted in Germany.

Powerful Features

Widget customization, Chat Commands, CRM Integration, Co-Browsing, and much more.


Userlike is highly scalable and fits the needs of small business as well as large customer service teams.

Some features our users like


Access your data via our API. Push your specific business logic infomation into the chat session and take control of the chat via our Javascript API.


Detailed analysis of your customer interactions inside the dashboard. Connect to your own tracking software with our External Tracking API.

Proactive Invites

Offer proactive support by automatically inviting your visitors to a chat. Leave no question unanswered.

Chat Panel

Our browser based and highly intuitive chat client integrates all of Userlike’s functions. Have all relevant user info at your fingertips.


Let your visitors tweet about the great live chat service they just received. Word of mouth is the best marketing you can have.


Offer your chat users the option to connect with you on Facebook and let them share their awesome service experience.


Send standard messages and predefined URLs of interest to visitors, or use macros to transfer files over the chat.


The backend is available in English, German, and Dutch. The live chat widgets can be set to over 15 languages.


Let your visitors answer a question before or after the chat.


See how you are performing by allowing your visitors to rate the live chat service they received.

SSL Security

Supports SSL encrypted chat sessions. Userlike can be integrated into your secure page, ensuring that all assets come from a secure connection.

Data privacy

To adhere to the regulations of your country, you can configure the live chat widget so that it only gathers user info that was explicitly provided.

What our customers say about us

Userlike live chat has enabled us to actively minimize shopping cart abandonment, which has raised our conversion rate accordingly.

Userlike is one of the best products I've used in a very long time. Seriously. Installation and configuration process is a breeze. The user engagement rocketed sky-high since we've started using it.