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Userlike powers leading brands, from hidden champions to notable enterprises.

Chatbots & AI Automation Automation made easy with the power of AI

AI is here to stay. Optimize costs and increase service efficiency with our no-code automation and chatbot features. Now also available with GPT-4 integration.

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GPT-4 integration
Central knowledge
database with AI
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Website chat Seamless lead generation on your website

The prime time to engage customers is when they're on your site. Userlike's Website Messenger offers the best way to get in touch, including video calls, live translations and more.

Bring modern messaging
to your website
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All-in-one messaging Always just a message away

Your customers love messaging. With Userlike, you'll love it too. From one-on-one support to targeted marketing campaigns on WhatsApp.

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“It was the only tool that was approved by our data protection officer. It is super easy to implement. The support is awesome and super fast.”

Head of Marketing @ TecArt GmbH
Userlike review stars

“The direct contact with interested parties on the website works very well. The ease of use is particularly noteworthy and fun.”

Projekt Manager @ WiredMinds GmbH
Userlike review stars

“Enterprise-customized chat solution suitable for different scales.”

Product Lead @ Nila TV GmbH media production
Userlike review stars

“Userlike is a nice real-time chat or live chat software that is ideal for customer service. It offers many functions in a simple way, making the software easy to use.”

Administator @ KatzGroup
Userlike review stars

“Userlike gives me a good feeling because all data is stored on German servers and complies with the GDPR. The chat software is easy and intuitive to use, so that even employees from older generations quickly got to grips with it.”

Marketing manager @ Stoffe Hemmers
Userlike review stars

“Since the Privacy Shield was overturned, our data protection officer is quite strict about our tool selection. Therefore, we are super happy to be able to source such top tools as Userlike directly from Germany.”

Project Manager E-Commerce @ BBV-Domke e.K.
Userlike review stars

“Best chat software - Made in Europe.”

Marketing Manager @ WIFI Vorarlberg
Userlike review stars

“Fast and intuitive chat and WhatsApp integration for the website.”

IT Lead @ Diakonie Michaelshoven
Userlike review stars

“Privacy-compliant chat software.”

Customer relationships @ WiredMinds GmbH
Userlike review stars

“Userlike is very easy to integrate and offers various system options (bot, live chat, etc.). Another great advantage is the possibility to link different communication options and thus switch from a chatbot to another channel (e.g. transition to WhatsApp).”

Full service provider
Userlike review stars

“Brilliant chat tool that binds customers to us.”

MH Consultings
Userlike review stars

“Extremely easy to set up. You are guided by the support (shoutout to Bea!) very much by the hand, so that Userlike is set up quickly and nothing can go wrong.”

Herosan Healthcare GmbH
Userlike review stars

“A very comprehensible tool. The chat works promptly, is very helpful and friendly.”

Graphic Designer @ DAS AGENTURHAUS Werbe und Marketing GmbH
Userlike review stars

“Good software with brilliant customer support.”

Junior Social Media Manager
Userlike review stars

“Userlike is my favorite chat plugin, as the installation is quick and easy and the Dashboard offers many settings that add real value to the website.”

Userlike review stars

“Very good chat plugin, the clear and extensive Dashboard is especially convincing.”

SEO Manager @ Suchhelden
Userlike review stars

“Fantastic live chat software.”

Administrator in leisure, travel & tourism
Userlike review stars

“We have been using Userlike ever since launching our new website and it is exactly what we were looking for. You can adjust just about every part of the chat plugin to your needs. It is easy to use for our staff. Whenever we have questions Userlike’s support is quick and helpful.”

Benedict S.
Userlike review stars

“Userlike offers many options to customize the live chat to individual requirements and wishes. What’s more, Userlike’s customer support is really great. Immediately after registration, proactive support is offered, which we took advantage of. The employee was very competent and could answer all our questions.”

Jasmin D.
Marketing assitant
Userlike review stars

“Very good chat software.”

Administrator in law practice
Userlike review stars

“Well-designed and easy-to-use live chat software for your website.”

Andreas S.
Userlike review stars

“Great live chat software and extraordinary customer support.”

Administrator in furniture industry
Userlike review stars

“Simple, easy and user friendly web chat service.”

Fred J.
Userlike review stars

“Userlike is a very clear and well-structured software. I can only recommend it.”

Halis H.
Userlike review stars

“We discovered Userlike among the list of the best chat on the web for professional integration. Tested from every angle, it’s a powerful tool with the right price, compared to the competitors. The use remains efficient and functional, nothing complicated.”

Samuel M.
Userlike review stars

“Powerful messaging tool with plenty of functions and possibilities.”

Administrator in financial services
Userlike review stars

“Beautiful real-time chat software developed for web and mobile.”

Brayan Agostinho D.
SOA consultant
Userlike review stars

“There’s a lot ‘under the hood’. If you read the Userlike web site and don’t delve into the documentation, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s quite light on features, so I’d encourage you to read up. It is actually both broad and deep in feature set. We’ve also found while setting this up that the Userlike support team take their own medicine - even though we’re only on the free trial so far, being able to reach out to a support person via live chat is effortless and quick.”

Nick T.
Managing director
Userlike review stars

“I use this for web chat on a busy site - does a great job.”

James S.
Userlike review stars

“Pros: + Very good usability + All texts can be customized / translated + Working times can be defined + API + Very good live chat support from Userlike + GDPR compliance.”

Philipp B.
Online marketing manager, consumer goods
Userlike review stars

“Userlike is a well thought-out and user-friendly tool for live chat and messaging support.”

Maximilian Reichlin
Head of Content @ trusted
Userlike review stars

“Best tool for support and monitoring the customers’ responses.”

Userlike review stars

“Super easy software, good to understand, simple integration. Just GREAT!!!”

Userlike review stars

“Best solution for website and mobile support. Great chat, informative and user friendly backend, easy integration and multichannel including social media.”

Userlike review stars