11 Must-Try Chatbot Providers for Every Budget

If only there was a Tinder app for sorting through all the chatbot providers on the market. Deciding on the right one is a daunting task.

It’s definitely possible to find a clever, pre-built or easy-to-build chatbot solution. Even one with a reasonable price tag that won’t drive your customers crazy. But it takes time.

That’s why we went ahead and did the digging for you. As chatbot enthusiasts, we judged each provider based on certain criteria:

  • Is it easy to build and implement without a developer/limited developer help?
  • Is it simple for customers and support agents to use?
  • Is the price reasonable for limited budgets and worth what you get?

Here are our top chatbot providers for businesses organized by pre-built and advanced models.

  1. TARS
  2. ManyChat
  3. BotSociety
  4. Landbot
  5. Chatfuel
  6. Ada
  7. Smartloop
  8. Userlike
  9. OMQ
  10. Pandorabots
  11. Cognigy

Chatbots pre-built for lift-off

Pre-built chatbots are a viable solution for an affordable quick fix. They’re limited in speech and capabilities, but can still be customized to communicate your services, product and brand. There are only two in this list because we recommend investing a little more time into creating your chatbot for customers. But sometimes you need to start somewhere.

TARS has hundreds, yes hundreds, of pre-built chatbot templates for a variety of industries such as insurance, healthcare and travel. It’s an ideal solution for generating leads and creating conversational landing pages.

screenshot of chatbot template example
  • Chatbot type: Decision tree
  • Compatible apps: Facebook Messenger, Zapier (which then lets you connect to many other apps )
  • Price: Free to get started, $99 for five chatbots, 1,000 chats a month, plus a free custom-built bot

These pre-built templates are ideal for those with less technical experience since they just require minor editing to fit your brand. You can have conversational AI without code or having to design your own conversation flow. TARS also offers the option to build a chatbot from scratch and has many tutorial videos on their YouTube channel as assistance.

Based in the U.S., TARS supports 25 languages and is used by industry leaders such as DHL and Vodacom .

ManyChat lets you create a chatbot that helps boost engagement on your Facebook Business page. It can sell products, collect contact info and nurture leads without an agent.

image of of a conversation with Juniper Landscape Design on Facebook
  • Chatbot type: Decision tree
  • Compatible apps: Facebook Messenger, SMS, Zapier
  • Price: Free, Pro option is $10 a month for 500 subscribers, $145 for 25K

ManyChat offers pre-built templates for your industry and a drag-and-drop bot builder for creating your own bot from scratch in minutes. It even has a widget localization tool, which lets your customers choose their preferred language from a list.

Located in San Francisco, ManyChat provides courses and marketing advice if you’re new to chatbot marketing.

Chatbot providers for building your own code-free bot

These chatbot service providers offer bot builders that give you customization freedom without a developer. With little to no coding, you can have AI capable of learning and improving on its own. There are also simpler decision tree interfaces to help your customers with easy tasks.

Botsociety lets you design chatbots for WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack and your own website or app. The California-based company provides an easy-to-use platform for collaborative conversation design.

  • Chatbot type: Decision tree, “user says, bot says”
  • Compatible apps: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Alexa Skill
  • Price: Starts free, $79 a month for unlimited everything and negotiable plans (with a team to help you out)

All conversations designed on Botsociety are easy to export and share among platforms. This lets you use the same bot across apps and give both internal and external shareholders access to the bot’s code.

Botsociety emphasizes the importance of conversational design. Used by AirFrance and Accenture , the chatbot provider works extremely well as a prototyping tool. Your team can test multiple conversation paths before launching.

image of conversation with the Air France Facebook chatbot

You can achieve all of this without a developer, but Botsociety offers full integrations with Dialogflow, Rasa, Azure and more. Your development team can then easily edit intentions and variables in your design.

For those who want to skip the tutorials and start designing right away, Landbot is a great builder. This modern, intuitive chatbot provider lets you get started for free without a credit card and is easy to figure out how to use on your own.

image of landbot chatbot builder
  • Chatbot type: Button-based decision tree
  • Compatible apps: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger
  • Price: Ranges from free to $100 a month, plus larger customized plans

Using Landbot is as simple as connecting dots; you have a variety of boxes and widgets you can link together to create your own conversation structure. It’s an ideal builder for chatbots that handle scheduling, answer simple questions and engage new visitors. I personally designed a chatbot with Landbot in the post “6 steps for creating a smooth chatbot conversation flow.”

Landbot’s design options help you create visually attractive chatbots and preview conversations as you build them. Trusted by L'Oréal Paris , Uber and LG , Landbot chatbots also allow for agent handover when your customers need help with more significant matters.

Chances are you’ve chatted with a Chatfuel bot. The user-friendly chatbot provider powers bots for many big names like Lego , ABC News , HelloFresh , Adidas and T-Mobile .

image of conversation with the HelloFresh chatbot on Facebook
  • Chatbot type: Decision tree/contextual capabilities
  • Compatible apps: Facebook Messenger
  • Price: Starts free, pro is $15 per month, plus negotiable plans

Chatfuel has templates to help you get started. You use customizable “building blocks” to craft your conversation flow and can predefine keywords and phrases for AI to detect and respond to. It’s the closest you can get to humanlike conversation without spending the big bucks.

Their YouTube channel has a lot of helpful videos to aid you in your chatbot journey, not to mention a video addressing their GDPR compliance , an important topic for global businesses.

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Ada is a no-code chatbot that connects seamlessly to your live chat provider. Conversations with Ada aren’t scripted, keeping the exchange fresh every time.

image of conversstion with an Ada chatbot for booking a flight
  • Chatbot type: Decision tree/contextual capabilities
  • Compatible apps: Live chat providers , Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Salesforce, SMS
  • Price: Starts free, but price is decided based on your needs

Ada gives you an easy blueprint to follow when building your bot. You can design conversations with AI that learns from your customers and can read typos, jargon and any other keywords you define. To make sure your chatbot is offering high quality service, Ada lets you A/B test conversations.

The conversational chatbot supports 14 languages and randomizes greetings and responses for a new conversation experience customer to customer.

Used by National Geographic , Smartloop personalizes automated engagement with your customers and makes it easy to hand-off conversations to your agents.

image of Smartloop's chatbot builder interface
  • Chatbot type: Button-based decision tree/contextual capabilities
  • Compatible apps: Facebook Messenger, Viber, your own custom channel
  • Price: Free starter plan, $10 a month for premium

Smartloop helps you re-engage leads by sending personalized push notifications based on past conversations. You can then analyze its conversations and improve your chatbot to better serve your customers.

When designing your bot, you use a building blocks structure that lets you preview as you go. Smartloop chatbots can handle any amount of conversations and you don’t need a developer to create and manage your chatbot once it’s live.

Chatbot service providers for an advanced digital assistant

These are the AI chatbot providers with the big guns fit for an enterprise or companies with a roomier budget and development team.

Userlike’s Logic Bot is connected to our customer messaging software so you can manage it just like your human agents. You can deploy it as a proactive first contact for customers, as backup for your agents or to answer requests received outside of service hours.

You create your own rule-based bot flow that is based on YAML (Yet Another Markup Language) and connect it to your Userlike account to use it across channels.

product image of Userlike's Logic Bot

The Logic Bot picks up conversations where customers left off — a perk not every chatbot platform provides. Most chatbots “reset” once you leave the website, but customers can see their previous conversation with the Logic Bot before deciding to continue it or start a new one.

screenshot of Userlike's chatbot Ubie
You can talk to our chatbot Ubie on our chatbots page to get an impression of our Logic Bot.

Within the chat, you can display button options and carousels to help customers quickly find what they’re looking for. In-chat media also makes it easier to send important documents - such as insurance applications and invoices - or a cheeky GIF.

  • Chatbot type: Rule-based
  • Compatible apps: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Threema, SMS
  • Price: Included in Business plan, starter packs available for customers on Team and Corporate plans

You’ll lose fewer customers by proactively approaching them with a chatbot that’s not only easy for customers to use, but is simple for your company to implement.

OMQ is the simplest chatbot to implement in this category since it’s ready to go straight out of the box. The chatbot pulls answers from a centralized knowledge base so it can answer enquiries quicker and more accurately every time.

example image of what a conversation with an OMQ bot could look like
  • Chatbot type: Contextual
  • Compatible apps: Userlike, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram
  • Price: Free 14-day trial, prices upon request

The German-owned OMQ bot is capable of mimicking human dialogue, which we’ve learned is something users want . Your bot comes pre-trained in your target language and supports 32 other languages.

The bot works well with your live chat provider, particularly Userlike and its HTTP API framework . The Austrian site for EMP uses this combo and has a current solution rate of 60%.

This is the most advanced chatbot provider in this post. It’s a context-aware, cross-channel compatible solution that lets you download and own your code.

GIF of conversation with a pandorabots chatbot
  • Chatbot type: Contextual/decision tree
  • Compatible apps: Facebook Messenger, Line, Viber, Twitter, Telegram, WeeChat and more
  • Price: Free sandbox version, $19 a month for developer, $199 for pro, negotiable for enterprise

Implementing this chatbot requires the help of your development team or CX designers. Pandorabots, based in San Francisco, makes the job easier by providing “small talk” libraries, a free Udemy course and code/no code options.

You can write your scripts in any natural language and have the option for speech-to-text (and vice versa).

Cognigy is a conversational AI platform for a more advanced chatbot setup. You can design humanlike conversations using its low-code conversation editor.

GIF of cognigy's chatbot builder
  • Chatbot type: Contextual
  • Compatible apps: Integrates with CRMs, ERPs, RPAs and more
  • Price: Must inquire for pricing

The German chatbot provider supports a large number of languages so you can offer high-quality chat service without barriers. The system can either run on Cognigy’s SaaS cloud or your infrastructure. It’s omni-channel compatible, which means you can connect it to your live chat provider’s API, like Userlike’s HTTP framework .

With Cognigy, you have unlimited scalability and deep-learning algorithms for better performance. It’s an ideal solution if you’re in the market for an advanced setup to meet your service demands.

Use an all-in-one chatbot provider for fast, efficient service

Make your chatbot a part of your customer service team. By combining it with your customer messaging software, you ensure that you’re using your agents’ time wisely on qualifying leads — your chatbot can take care of the routine stuff.

Good chatbot, simple to use. I used a chatbot for the first time and we tried a few different versions but Userlike was the best one.

Matthias, CEO, original review on G2

Sign up for our free 14-day trial to get a feel for Userlike. If you like what you see, we’d be more than happy to set up a call to discuss our Logic Bot solution to see if it’s a good fit for your business.