Add Live Chat to your Shopware Store with the Userlike Plugin

If you are a Shopware user you'll be interested to know that Userlike has developed an plugin that allows you to interact directly with your website visitors.

Shopware is an e-Commerce solution that provides you all the tools you need to build and run an online store. With more than 26.000 customers, Shopware is among the leading shop building software in Germany.

Userlike’s integration with Shopware allows webshop owners to quickly install and set up live chat on their online stores through a plugin in their Community Store. Implementing live chat has strong direct impacts on eCommerce businesses, especially regarding the conversion rate and customer satisfaction improvement opportunities it brings.

Userlike's plugin can be easily downloaded from the Shopware Community Store and configured through your Shopware Plugin Manager. If you need some further information about how to install Userlike live chat we welcome you to visit our dedicated turorial .

You are then ready to start chatting with your website visitors. We wish you happy chats!