Live support software for websites and messengers

Your one support software for your customers’ favorite messaging channels.

Lady with a tablet receiving chat support for an order.
Do these also come in blue? Userlike customer success agent Yes, I can send you the link 🙂 That’d be great!
  • Website chat
  • Chatbots
  • GDPR-compliant
  • WhatsApp & more
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A better way to offer live support For your clients, support team, sales numbers and managers

Make things easy and fun for your customers

Remove the barriers and waiting lines. Userlike allows your customers to get in touch with the right person right away.

A customer conversation in the live support window.

Take the stress out of support

Support shouldn’t be stressful. By using Userlike features like canned messages, you can offer live support at lightning speed.

The canned message feature in action.

Generate sales out of existing conversations

Your most valuable customers are those who are already talking to you. Userlike is packed with features to make the most out of your customer relationships.

A Userlike contact card to start customer conversations on a variety of channels.

A live support software built for easy management, no matter your scale

Customer support can be messy. Not with Userlike. Instant documentation, comparative analytics, and extensive filtering options allow support managers to keep a clear overview at all times.

Message Center Where your live support happens

The Message Center’s conversation view.

One central hub for your channels

Not only from your website, customer messages from apps like Facebook Messenger, SMS, and WhatsApp also land in this central support hub.

The Message Center’s contact area.


The contact area of the Message Center offers a bird’s eye perspective of your customer relationships.

Showing the Message Center’s live-translation feature.

Built for support

It feels much like the browser versions of the messaging apps we’re all familiar with, but then tailored to the requirements of support.

Website Messenger The best way to reach your website visitors

A live support interaction with a YouTube preview of a Nivea sunscreen ad.

State-of-the-art messaging features

All you would expect from modern messaging: voice messages, media previews, media transfers and more.

The Messenger’s conversation history view.

Instant chats, long-term relationships

Userlike is software for live support, but also allows for asynchronous messaging conversations.

Messenger showing the option for the customer to transfer the website conversation to another messaging channel.

Transfers across channels

Your customers can easily transition between your website and messaging channels like Facebook Messenger and SMS.

Messaging channels Userlike is the central hub for the most popular messaging channels, including Telegram, SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

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