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World map with customers and chat messages. World map with customers and chat messages.
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Toshiro is asking
about his journey
Live chat window example with a customer asking BestWestern hotels for a room with a city view.
Hector is asking about
baby safety features
Chat support conversation example with a customer asking about Volvo’s safety features.
Julian is asking for advice
about hiking shoes
Example customer service chat with a customer asking Globetrotter about hiking equipment.
Checking up on an
order for a buggy
Live chat example for customer support with a customer asking Babymarkt about an order she placed for a buggy.
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Amélie Junghanns
Amélie Junghanns Continental

The perfect tool for our 'Service with Passion' motto. From day one, Userlike has inspired our trust and amazement.

Johannes Altmann
Johannes Altmann Shoplupe

A shop’s usability stands or falls by its guidance and support options. Live chat is perfect to answer web visitor needs instantly, and with Userlike you have an excellent solution that’s easy to integrate into any shop.

Bastian Dahm
Bastian Dahm Trusted Shops

Live chat? Check! Contact form? Check! Usability? Check! Userlike offers an effortless way for shop owners to communicate with their web visitors.

Features and benefits Some features included in the trial…

Operator Groups

Let your customers decide who they want to talk to. Create a group for each topic or product and assign your experts to them.

Userlike’s operator groups feature, applied to Globetrotter’s camping department.

Lead generator

Ask your customers to provide you with their name and email address, so that you can follow up later. Customize our registration form to your needs and start generating leads.

Userlike’s chat register feature, with a customer being asked to share some information on herself.

Sticky chat

Our Sticky Chat feature ensures the same customer is reconnected to the agent that previously helped her. Customer bonding at its best.

Chat conversation showing Userlike’s Sticky Chat feature. Loyalty features

Instant chat survey

You want to know what your customers think? Let’s find out with a pre- or post chat survey. Customers who chat are engaged, and thus likely to participate in a quick mini survey.

Userlike’s chat survey feature, applied to Trivago.

The GDPR way

Data security is the No.1 priority at Userlike. Always has been, always will be. Your customer’s data is hosted on secured servers in Germany, respecting high privacy standards and GDPR rules.

Connect with your family of tools

Our mission is to improve your customer communication. But we know that you have to take care of many more things. For seamless workflows we integrate with your current software systems.