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Customer Stories Supporting millions of chats
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Amélie Junghanns
Amélie Junghanns Continental

The perfect tool for our 'Service with Passion' motto. From day one, Userlike has inspired our trust and amazement.

Johannes Altmann
Johannes Altmann Shoplupe

A shop’s usability stands or falls by its guidance and support options. Live chat is perfect to answer web visitor needs instantly, and with Userlike you have an excellent solution that’s easy to integrate into any shop.

Bastian Dahm
Bastian Dahm Trusted Shops

Live chat? Check! Contact form? Check! Usability? Check! Userlike offers an effortless way for shop owners to communicate with their web visitors.

Customer support chat across channels

Website chat is great, but Userlike allows you to extend your support to messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook as well. Support your customers on the channels they already love.

Thoughtful features Userlike’s features were built for…

Customer bonding

Userlike was built to tie customers to your business. Take our Sticky Chat feature, for example. If a customer returns, she will be connected to her previous support agent – enabling the buildup of personal connections.

Chat conversation showing Userlike’s Sticky Chat feature. Loyalty features

Customer bliss

A large chunk of Userlike’s features is devoted to making your support more enjoyable for your customers. Take the operator skills feature, which allows you to improve automated support routing, reducing unnecessary forwards and repetition of messages.

Userlike’s live chat software operator skills feature shown with three chat operators with different skill sets. Satisfaction features

Pre-sales support

The best sales comes in the form of support, and Userlike offers an array of features to better help your customers find what they are looking for. Our Smart Customer Profiles, for example, show your agents relevant customer information right in the Chat Panel.

Example of a customer profile in the Userlike Chat Panel. Sales features
Auto look-up of
social media profiles

Support feedback

Honest customer feedback is hard to get by through channels like email or phone. Features like Userlike’s service ratings allow your customers to rate your product or service – directly and quick.

Userlike’s chat rating feature with stars and emoji.
Feedback with a click
Feedback features

Support efficiency

What’s the point of excellent support if it eats up all your profits? With features like chat slots, chat macros, and our native chatbot, Userlike offers you everything to make your support both good and cost-effective.

Support connections

Connect your customer support chat with your favourite business tools. From helpdesk to CRM, it’s easy to build a seamless customer journey with Userlike.


Privacy and GDPR

Data security is not a secondary matter in online support. We’ve built Userlike with data protection as a core principle. Our servers are located in Germany and, of course, Userlike is GDPR compliant.

Feature list Get a complete, bird’s eye overview

We could go on and on about Userlike’s customer support chat. To honour your time, we offer you a handy feature overview.

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