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Userlike is the only chat solution for website and messaging support. Runs on any CMS.

Lady with a tablet receiving chat support for an order.
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  • Website chat
  • Chatbots
  • GDPR-compliant
  • WhatsApp & more
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The customer chat plugin for the digital age For your customers and your team

Help is just one click away

Userlike's chat plugin, "The Website Messenger," brings modern messaging to your website. It allows you to support your customers throughout the entire website experience.

Userlike’s chat widget for website support and sales in action, showing a conversation between a customer and agent.

Customer communication made easy

The inherent nature of chat and messaging, combined with powerful features like canned messages, make communicating with customers fast and fun.

Customer example of the canned messages feature, also called Chat Macros.

Chat for leads and conversions

People who land on your website are in an advanced stage of your purchase funnel. Often, it's minor doubts and questions that stand in the way of a sale. Userlike is the perfect tool for capturing leads and raising your conversion.

Contact profile of a lead.

Chat with your customers at scale without losing the overview

Instant documentation, chat analytics, filter and search options and customer ratings enable you to keep a clear overview of all your customer interactions and narrow down areas of improvement.

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Customer contact profiles.

The Userlike Website Messenger Everything you'd expect from a modern messaging app

Userlike’s chat widget with a conversation about a commercial and product placement.


Transfer files, watch videos within the chat, get URL previews and more.

A customer perspective of the Website Messenger's conversation overview.

Conversation history

Your customers can either start a new chat or jump back into an old one.

Userlike’s voice messaging within the Website Messenger.

Voicemail 2.0

Userlike makes e-commerce personal. That's why besides text, you and your customers can communicate with each other through voice messages.

The Userlike Message Center Where customer relationships flourish

The Message Center’s conversation view.

Omni-messenger backend

Besides being a website plugin, Userlike also connects to the biggest messaging apps – like WhatsApp, FB Messenger, and SMS.

The Message Center’s Contact area.

Messaging CRM

Userlike is more than a chat solution. The Message Center represents a new, messaging-based way of managing your customer relationships.

Showing the Message Center’s live-translation feature.

Messaging app + business layer

The Message Center feels similar to the browser version of e.g. FB Messenger, but with an extra business layer tailored toward sales and support.

Your omni-messaging solution Everybody is already messaging and chatting in their private spheres. We believe they are the superior modes of communication for business-to-consumer communication as well. Userlike makes it possible, from website chat to WhatsApp to SMS and more.

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Not without my data privacy! Germany-hosted

  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Dedicated privacy features
  • Hosted in Germany
  • ISO 27001 certified hosting

As a German software company, data privacy has always been one of our core considerations. Beyond a secured setup, we offer a long list of dedicated data privacy and GDPR functions.

Map of Germany.