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Userlike’s chat widget brings modern messaging to your website.

Lady with a tablet receiving chat support for an order.
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  • GDPR-compliant
  • WhatsApp & more
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A better way to offer web support and sales For your web visitors, support agents, sales reps and team leads

Effortless to reach out

With the Userlike chat widget, you offer your web visitors a support option that is always just a click away – but never in the way. Be there to support them at any stage of the buying cycle they are in.

Userlike’s chat widget for website support and sales in action, showing a conversation between a customer and agent.

A fun way to offer support

The frustrations of offering support via phone or email are behind you. The easy and informal nature of chat, combined with powerful time-saving features like canned messages, makes chat support a fun experience for your agents.

Customer example of the canned messages feature, also called chat macros.

Continually and naturally create leads

People who are already so interested in your business that they reach out with questions – those are your most valuable leads. Userlike makes it effortless to secure those connections.

Contact profile of a lead.

Keep an overview of all your website interactions

Effective search and filter options, combined with customer ratings and other relevant KPIs, offer you clarity and peace of mind.

Website Messenger The modern chat widget for websites

Userlike’s chat widget with a conversation about a commercial and product placement.

Media and more

Transfer media files, send URLs with previews, play videos within the chat widget, and more.

A customer perspective of the Website Messenger’s conversation overview.

From chat to messaging

Your web visitors can access previous chat conversations, and continue them whenever similar to messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Userlike’s voice messaging within the Website Messenger.

Voice messaging support

Voicemail has made a comeback in the form of voice messages. Add this mode to your customer communication mix.

Messaging channels Besides offering a messaging widget for your website, you can connect Userlike to your customers’ favorite messaging apps: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram or good old text messaging.

Various emoji logos.

The Message Center Where all chats and messages come together

The Message Center’s conversation view.

The center for your messaging channels

The MC is where you reply to your customers’ messages sent from either your website, via text, or a messaging app like Telegram.

The Message Center’s contact area.

Your messaging CRM

Besides being a conversation hub, the MC gives you a CRM-style overview of your contacts, including important details and their conversation history with your company.

Showing the Message Center’s live-translation feature.

Tailored to support and sales

The MC is as intuitive as the messaging apps you’re used to, but is tailored to the use cases of support and sales. Such as the instant translation feature.

Your GDPR-proof chat widget We care about data security

  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Dedicated privacy features
  • Hosted in Germany
  • ISO 27001 certified hosting

In a solution for customer communication, data privacy cannot be an afterthought. We take pride in our secured data setup.

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