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Alexander Proske - Statista

Userlike is the most intuitive and modern live chat we found. Live chat obviously made our users happier and our service department more efficient.

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Jens Lippert - Cyberport

We've been impressed by the modern look and feel of Userlike from the start. We've been able to extend our support throughout the entire buying process.

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Florian Störk - Volksbank

I was surprised by the high frequency of chats and by how the customers using it got right to the point.

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Pius Knebel - Titus

Both customers and customer service reps have embraced the chat channel for its great ease of use.

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Christoph Münch - Witt Weiden

Through live chat we can help customers quickly and personally. We want all our customers to benefit from that.

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Christian Minks - e-regio

We’re not the biggest player on the market, but personal contact sets us apart from our competitors.

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Amélie Junghanns - Continental

The perfect tool for our 'Service with Passion' motto. From day one, Userlike has inspired our trust and amazement.

Bastian Dahm - Trusted Shops

Live chat? Check! Contact form? Check! Usability? Check! Userlike offers an effortless way for shop owners to communicate with their web visitors.

Johannes Altmann - Shoplupe

A shop's usability stands or falls by its guidance and support options. Live chat is perfect to answer web visitor needs instantly, and with Userlike you have an excellent solution that’s easy to integrate into any shop.

Chat features One tool, many functions

Context matters. Userlike's Chat Panel offers all the user information you could wish for: name, email address, previous interactions (chats, messages, tickets), location, URL path, browser, OS, and any additional custom information that you import to the chat with the javascript API.

You need a chat tool that fits your web design. Change your chat's position, color, and text to fit your brand seamlessly.

You can't always be online. For those times, Userlike offers the next best thing: a website contact form. This allows visitors to leave their question(s) without leaving your website.

Userlike's servers are located in Europe, and our dedicated features guarantee the safety and privacy of your visitors, customers, and support reps.

Offer chat support in a team with features like Operator Grouping, Group Select (letting visitors choose with what group to get in touch), chat forwarding, and Operator Skills routing.

When a visitor spends a long time on a specific page, this could indicate a problem or question. You can proactively reach out to such people with the proactive chat, which invites them to talk.

Your chat tool should fit neatly into your existing support mix. Our add-ons take care of exactly that. CRM, helpdesk, collaboration, or other.

Besides chatting, you can guide your web visitor to a specific URL, or take a screenshot of the browser page she's on.

Instead of typing the answer of frequent questions out every time again, set up one perfect, canned answer once, and reuse it with a click.

You need a chat tool that adapts to your chat logic. With Userlike you can decide how your chat behaves per page on your website..

Let our chatbot Chat Butler welcome your visitors and alleviate the need to always be online. When you're offline, Chat Butler collects your web visitor's question while calling you to come online – e.g. via Slack notifications.

Extend your chat support to Facebook Messenger and Telegram. Build a permanent connection with your customers through their favorite messaging app.

Set up the chat so that a web visitor needs to fill in a short register form before the chat starts. This way you can filter for high quality chats, and collect leads.

Feedback keeps us in touch with reality. Userlike's chat ratings give your visitors the option to rate the service they just received, with stars ranging from 1 to 5.

Our built-in analytics dashboards give you insights into your best performing support reps, the times your chats are over- or underpressured, and more.

Pricing Quality and fairness


You’re starting up

0 Per Month

  • 1 Operator
  • 1 Chat Widget
  • Unlimited Chats
  • Chats Unlimited
Free Chat


You’ve built some traction

29 Per Month

  • 3 Operators
  • 3 Chat Widgets
  • Unlimited History
  • Integrations
  • Basic Customization


You have a dedicated support team

99 Per Month

  • 5 Operators
  • 5 Chat Widgets
  • Analytics
  • Messenger Channels
  • Full Customization


You’re an established brand

299 Per Month

  • 10 Operators
  • 10 Chat Widgets
  • Phone Support
  • API
  • White Label
  • Skill-based Routing


You’re an industry leader

  • Unlimited Operators
  • Operators Unlimited
  • Unlimited Widgets
  • Widgets Unlimited
  • Unlimited Organizations
  • Organizations Unlimited
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Onboarding Workshops
  • 24/7 Support
  • Enterprise Agreements
Prices include annual billing discount

Sharp questions You might be asking yourself...

Turn Userlike into a contact form, show a custom message, make the chat disappear, or let our chatbot Chat Butler welcome your visitors for you.

We recommend to stick to the desktop. Mobile connections are often not stable enough, and it is easy to miss an incoming chat.

No, you can get started with the trial and free product without any billing.

Yes, we offer integrations with many business tools. Check them out here.

Our native chatbot Chat Butler welcomes visitors, and collects their questions and contact info while notifying you to come online. You can also use our chatbot framework to connect your own chatbots to Userlike.

Your account switches to Free automatically. You can upgrade to a paid plan whenever you need it.