The chat-based CRM solution

Userlike is the first and only chat-based CRM solution. For websites and messaging apps.

Lady with a tablet receiving chat support for an order.
Do these also come in blue? Userlike customer success agent Yes, I can send you the link 🙂 That’d be great!
  • Website chat
  • Chatbots
  • GDPR-compliant
  • WhatsApp & more
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Meet the Website Messenger The chat window to your customers’ hearts

Chat widget with conversation about a sunscreen commercial.

Modern messaging

Transfer multimedia files, play videos within the chat, see URL previews and more.

Chat history overview for the customer.

Long-lived conversations

The Website Messenger is your customer’s overview of the interactions they've had with you.

Chat window with the voice messaging feature recording.

Add the power of voice

Like a proper mobile messaging app, the Website Messenger supports voice messaging.

Meet the Message Center The beating heart of your customer relationships

Message Center detail view on my assigned conversations.

Familiar yet refreshing

The Message Center feels similar to messaging apps you already use – but it’s tailored for serving the customer and guiding them on their journey.

Contact overview of the Message Center.

Customer-centric by design

The Contacts area gives you a bird’s-eye view of each customer relationship – made out of multiple conversations.

A customer conversation being live translated from English to German.

Built for sales and support

Features like the shared inbox, forwarding, live translations and canned messages are all you need to transition to a chat-based CRM system.

Messaging Channels Think of the potential of having a direct connection within your customers’ friend list. Userlike makes it so with channels for WhatsApp, SMS, FB Messenger and Telegram.

Various emoji logos.