What’s New: WhatsApp for All, Button Positioning and More

Digitalization is moving fast. Stay connected with your customers on their favorite app with the Userlike WhatsApp Channel.

WhatsApp available from the Team plan

At Userlike, we’re convinced that messaging is the future of customer communication . So we’re excited that we can now offer the Userlike WhatsApp Channel to a wider range of businesses.

While before, the WhatsApp Channel was only available in our Flex and Business plan, you can now get access starting from the Team plan at no additional costs!

a woman texting on her phone

These are major news and we’re looking forward to trailblazing a new way of customer communication with you.

Sign up here or reach out to our support team if you have any questions.

Button offset & z-index

You could already move your chat button freely from left to right on a horizontal axis. That made sense as the bottom corners are usually the best spot to put a chat window because website visitors have come to expect the chat option there.

But we realized that this position doesn’t work for all websites and might create conflicts with a trust badge or other sidebar options.

With the last release, we’ve added more dimension, giving you full flexibility to put the chat right where you want it to be on your site. You can now align the chat button horizontally and vertically from top to bottom with the button offset.

screenshot of the Userlike Widget Editor
Use the button offset to put the chat right where you want it to be.

The z-index allows you to control different layers on your website. By default, the Userlike chat widget has the highest value so it’s always visible to your visitors. But now you can also reduce this value and stack other elements, such as your cookie consent banner or trust badge, to the forefront.

You can find these additional button options in the Widget editor. We’ll also add more button styles in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned!

Switching to Unified Messaging

To make switching to our new product “Unified Messaging” safer and more reliable, we had to remove the features for cloning live chat widgets to Unified Messaging widgets and importing/exporting a widget.

So what does this mean for you:

  • If you're on our Team plan and are looking to make the switch to our modern chat solution, you can schedule the migration in your account settings. We’ll take over the legwork for you so you can lean back and enjoy a smooth transition.
  • If you’re on our Corporate plan or higher , you’ll need to create a new UM widget directly. In the Dashboard, just go to the “Unified Messaging” section and create a new widget under “Channels > Website widgets.” We’re currently also working to make the widget migration planning available for you in the coming weeks.
Three website messengers showing different features in Userlike
The Website Messenger: A brand new design, audio calls, file sharing and more.

If you don’t want to move your widgets now, that’s not a problem – but they’ll eventually be moved automatically. So why not get ahead? :)

Here’s what else is new

  • New Password rules. When you create a new operator, for example, as the owner of the account, you won’t see their password anymore. They will get a link to verify their account and create a password. To increase password security further, passwords now need to consist of 14 characters instead of 10.
  • two screenshots of a pop-up after creating a new operator
  • Addons removal. We’re ending our integration with the tools Box, Campaign Monitor, Highrise and UserVoice. Reach out to us if you need recommendations for similar tools.
  • Account login. When you’re logged in to your account and enter the Userlike website, you’ll now see the “Log in” option instead of “Dashboard”.
  • screenshots of the login from the Userlike website
  • Clickable links. When you’re chatting with a contact, you can see their navigation on the website in the Message Center. The links they visit are now clickable again so you can look at the same pages as your contact.
  • Special characters. When sending a message to your contacts, some characters such as & < > used to be reformatted in the past. This will no longer happen and special characters will be displayed as they should.
The Userlike team dressed up for Karneval in 2019
Kölle Alaaf from our team to yours! This year we’re all celebrating from home so here’s a throwback to 2019.

That’s it for this month. Reach out to us if you have any questions. We’re always glad to help. Happy chatting!