What's New: Account Migration, Chatbots and Widget Languages

Last Friday, Userlike had its first release of the new year. Here are the main improvements.

Conversation order in the Message Center

In the Message Center, conversations are sorted by their status – from new to open to pending. The oldest conversation was always displayed at the top.

Since last Friday's release, it is up to the operators which order they prefer. If they prefer to see the newest conversation at the top, they can adjust the order in their Inbox.

Chatbots out of beta

After releasing our chatbot features to beta testers in October 2020, our bots have now outgrown their infancy.

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The beta phase is over and bots even get a separate link in the Dashboard to clearly separate them from their human "colleagues". Bots are now no longer found under Team > Operators, but under Team > Chatbots.

New widget languages

Some good news for all those who are supporting customers around the globe. In addition to the previously available languages English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch, Userlike now also offers widget translations in Romanian, Danish, Swedish and Polish.

Password for new operators

When a new operator wants to log in, there is now an additional security level. Operators no longer receive a predefined password by email, but are asked to enter a password after verifying their email address.

This password must meet some specific requirements (at least 14 characters long, 2 uppercase letters and 2 non-letters).

If you have any questions about the new features or other functions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

Account migration scheduler

If you're using our Live Chat product on the Team plan, we've just made it easier for you to switch to Unified Messaging. Where before you had to clone or export-import your chat widgets, now you can schedule a migration to move everything safely all at once. Read more in our tutorial.

A quick reminder of all the things you get if you migrate now:

  1. Reduced need of being online. Our new product supports live chats as well as asynchronous messaging. This means that both sides can read and send messages when it suits them, even if the other side is not online. Thus, to answer your customers from within Userlike, you no longer have to be online at the same time as them. Just reply when you’re back.
  2. Built on the latest technology. UM has a similar feel to the browser versions of the messaging apps you’re used to, but with a business layer tailored to sales and support needs.
  3. Messenger channels. Connect Userlike with even more mobile messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Telegram, Threema, and others.
  4. Packed with new features. Multimedia support, Live Translation, Audio calls and much more. Unified Messaging is what we've been developing on for the past two years. Start enjoying its fruits today.