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Userlike is a live chat software which allows you to chat with your website visitors. If you are looking for a free live chat tool, you’ve come to the right place.

With a simple set up and a powerful group of customisation options, Userlike live chat is recognized by many companies as the best free website chat software available in the market.

Userlike Free Live Chat Software

To all of those looking for a solution to respond to their website visitors in a professional way yet don’t want to spend part of their budget on a tool, we present the Userlike Free Plan .

From the moment you start trying out Userlike you can expect to be surprised by a wide number of unique features. With our live chat software you can add a widget to your website and fully customise its looks, layout and wording so it professionally matches with your website design.

Thought especially for those taking the first steps in their online business, Userlike free live chat allows you to add a single operator and take out up to 20 chats each month, plus unlimited use of the offline contact form.

How to get Started with Userlike

For first-time users we offer a free trial of one of our premium plans so you can take a hands-on experience of all our features. Don’t worry, to take this free 14-days free trial we will not require any commitment from your side nor your credit card details.

When your trial is about to end your account will automatically be downgraded to the free plan so you can keep using live chat software without any cost.

Unlimited Customisation

As pointed out before, our free website chat software is fully customisable to fit your website. This means that you can edit both the button and the window your visitors see when they want to chat with you.

Intuitive Navigation

Userlike design focus is all about simplicity and intuitiveness to make your operators’ job as easy as possible. By doing so, we assure that you can focus in what really matters - giving excellent support to your potential customers.

From the Chat Panel you are able to find intuitive commands to trigger useful features such as taking a screenshot or sending over a downloadable file.

Also, to save you some time, Userlike lets you customise different macros for the most popular responses you provide.

Meaningful Information

Complementary, blocks of user information will be displayed to your operator. These blocks contain user data such as name, e-mail, device, location, browser among others. All these tools were especially developed to assure you have all you need to provide an excellent support service.

Why Upgrade to the Team Plan

Hopefully your business will soon grow to a point where you will need to increase your support possibilities. Userlike has a flexible system that makes expansion easy, growing side by side with you. The next step is to upgrade to our Team Plan.

Multi-Widget Possibilities

For only 29€ per month you will be able to create up to three widgets which you can implement in any or as many websites as you wish. Having multi widgets allows you, among others, to provide differentiated support in different languages.

Unlimited Chats

Moreover, our Team Plan lets you have unlimited chats per month and because you shouldn’t do everything by yourself, with this plan we let you add up to three operators to help you support your website visitors.

CRM Integration

Finally, the Team Plan already includes CRM integration, a feature that allows you to automatically sync and share your chats, transcripts and offline messages (as well as all the information attached to them) with your support software.

If you want to know more information about other interesting features of live chat software just visit this page .

About Userlike

Userlike is live chat software for websites, allowing companies to chat with their (potential) customers directly over the website. Look here for more information.