Automation with AI: Introducing New Powerful AI Features

Our customer messaging solution just got even more intelligent.

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Userlike now offers extensive AI features in combination with our customer messaging software for powerful, digital support. Our new chatbot and AI suite replace the need for external solutions, making Userlike a truly all-in-one solution.

Keep reading to learn more about our new sophisticated AI support features.

  1. AI Automation Hub: What’s included
  2. AI Chatbot
  3. Smart FAQ
  4. Contact Form Suggestions
  5. Get started with our AI Automation Hub

AI Automation Hub: What’s included

Our new AI features stem from our goal to let companies automate many aspects of their customer service to save time and money. However, we have gone one step further than just building another chatbot solution. By using a holistic approach, we now offer a centralized knowledge base combined with powerful AI, which lets you automate customer interactions in multiple ways.

This is the “hub” for your self-learning AI, and can be fed with all your necessary business knowledge, such as FAQs.

Userlike's Ai Automation Hub dashboard

Everything works straight out of the box — no complicated training process or coding necessary. Most AI systems require you to hassle with intents and entities for example, but our AI handles this work for you. Simply type in a typical customer question and the AI will automatically know all its variations.

The system is self-learning, which means its intelligence grows over time directly from conversations and user feedback.

Once it’s set up, the knowledge base content can be distributed across our current different modules: AI Chatbot, Smart FAQ and Contact Form Suggestions.

Knowledge base powering an AI chatbot, Smart FAQ and Contact Form

You can also connect external systems to handle complex cases. This means your chatbot can ask for specific information and reply with an answer from your CRM, for example. This robotic process automation (RPA) streamlines workflows by taking over mundane tasks from your agents and handling them with machine accuracy.

And since we are working with state of the art NLP/NLU technology, a customer can type whatever they want and the AI will deliver the right answer every time.

Let’s take a look at the different modules in detail.

AI Chatbot

Reduce repetitive chats for your agents and improve customer satisfaction with our new AI Chatbot, which answers directly from the central knowledge base.

AI chatbot conversational language examples

This has a profound impact on the quality of its conversations with your customers. Unlike rule-based solutions that follow a rigid script and decision tree structure, our new AI Chatbot pulls specific answers from the central knowledge base.

In-chat links and rich text media help your chatbot create interactive responses. The combination of these elements eliminates the need to forward the conversation to an agent every time — the chatbot can intelligently handle most issues so that the agents can focus on important/interesting cases.

Userlike's AI chatbot answering chats alongside agents

When questions get too complex, the chatbot can seamlessly forward the conversation to an available agent.

Deploy it on your website and across all popular messaging channels, such as WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram to help customers anywhere at any time.

Smart FAQ

Customers like to help themselves. Encourage them to find the solutions they need — and independently learn your product — with our Smart FAQ.

It’s a responsive, self-service portal that makes it easier for customers to find the right answer to their specific problem.

Smart FAQ showing common search inquiries

The Smart FAQ also has auto-completion, which predicts what the customer is looking for as they type. Similar to chatbot conversations, these suggestions improve over time as the AI learns from your customers.

And if customers can’t quite think of how to ask their question, or lack the proper terms, then categories help them narrow down their search.

You can also customize the page to display popular search terms at the top of the list.

Our new self-optimizing Smart FAQ helps customers resolve their issues quickly, remove barriers and guide them to the end results you set. It’s an essential page on your website, so why not make it intelligent?

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Contact Form Suggestions

Contact forms aren’t immune to repetitive questions. Sometimes customers reach out without realizing that the answer is already on your website.

Our Contact Form Suggestions lets you connect the AI to your existing contact form. This makes it responsive and attempts to answer the customer’s question as they’re typing it.

This means common questions are covered without landing in your agents’ inbox, saving your business valuable time and money.

Intelligent contact form automatically answering a question as a customer types

Like our other modules, the AI learns from contact form requests and the many ways the same question can be asked. Over time, it develops human-level accuracy all on its own.

Get started with our AI Automation Hub

Are you ready to use our powerful, self-learning conversational AI? Great news - every Userlike customer with a Corporate plan or higher can test our new feature for free.

If you’d like to get set up with our new AI Automation Hub, get in touch with your personal Userlike Account Manager or reach out to us at Adding self-learning AI to your website doesn’t get any easier than this. We look forward to hearing from you!