5 Tips for your Live Chat Behavior

Today the third part of our live chat etiquette serie, and it’s about your live chat behavior . With this we’ll cover 5 points of general customer interaction. There are certain behaviors that should , and others that definitely shouldn’t be pursued:

1. Introduce yourself

When you have displayed your company name in your settings instead of your own, always be sure to introduce yourself properly in order to create a more trustful relationship with your visitor.

2. Don’t push without warning

The /push feature is great to guide your visitors through your website, but if you implement it without a warning it might shock your visitor. Just use something like: “I will now guide you to the pricing page, one moment please”. You could also make a chat macro for this answer.

3. Don’t be hilarious

Remember, body language doesn’t come through with live chat and you can’t see whether you and your website visitor share the same humor. So please, moderate your jokes.

4. Be patient, my Padawan…

Give your website visitor some breathing space and time to respond. Maybe he other side is multitasking, maybe they are thinking about what to say. Don’t go fill in the gaps yourself, just wait after having made your point.


5. Indicate what you’re doing

If you have to search up a piece of information, just let your visitor know. Most people don’t mind waiting, as long as they know how long and why they’re waiting.

We hope our little fast-course on live chat customer interaction will help you get the most out of our live chat solution!

Yours truly,

The Userlike Team