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Add A Knowledge Base To Your Support System

OMQ is a partner of Userlike in the German Service Alliance. OMQ is a one-of-a-kind knowledge base software, used by companies such as MyHammer AG and Magix GmbH to answer customer questions before they are asked. What sets OMQ apart from the other solutions in the market is that it allows you to connect a self-learning knowledge database software to your support system. If a website visitor fills in your contact form, the smart system from OMQ recognizes the question and will provide answers that were given on similar questions in the past. Similarly, OMQ’s software will provide your service employees with answer templates when it recognizes a question that has been answered before already.

OMQ Prevents Duplication in Service

This feature can greatly lower the pressure and costs for your service team! And your customers will be happier too, as they can get their answers faster than any other channel. The beauty is that the system will continue to learn as your service employees answer more customer questions, becoming ever more complete. Userlike and OMQ have decided to integrate their two services. In the chat panel a operator will be able to mark an answer he gives as a standard answer to that specific question. When a similar question comes up in a future chat, the OMQ knowledge system recognizes it and will show the previously marked answer as an option in the form of a template. Ask us for details.

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