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What does Userlike offer to your Online Shop?

With Userlike you can add a chat box to your website with which you can get in contact with your visitors. Userlike offers many advantages to your online shop. First of all, it allows you to surpass all service expectations. You will always be available to help your visitors during those crucial moments that decide whether they become your customers. You also add a face and a personality to your website, much like a friendly employee in a physical store, which will be remembered by people who visited your site. Experience how your conversions and customer satisfactions will go through the roof by implementating of Userlike!

How to Start?

Integrating our Live Chat into your myShop online store is very easy. When you register with us, you get access to your unique widget code. Follow this simple tutorial to see the steps of registration. By registering on our website you get access to our free version, which will suffice for online shops that are just starting up. As a customer of myShop you will also receive a discount for all our paid versions. This version can be found on this page of

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