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Jens Lippert
Head of Customer Experience & Service

With Userlike we’ve found a solution that really focuses on our needs.

As one of Germany’s largest e-retailers of consumer electronics, Cyberport has always distinguished itself with quality products and personalized customer support. Online, as well as in its 14 physical shops across Germany and Austria. Extending their online service with live chat was a logical next step in reinforcing this competitive advantage.


Electronics are complex products by nature, which makes the average consumer thirsty for additional advice and explanations next to the standard product descriptions. Cyberport recognized the strong causal link between service and conversion rates. Jens Lippert, Head of Customer Experience & Service, explains:

"Every online shop faces the challenge to improve its conversion from visitors to customers. Before buying upscale IT-products, customers want to make sure that they get exactly what they need. And we as a company need to be personal and directly approachable for our customers, so that they make use of the counsel we provide."

Cyberport was already supporting customers via email, telephone, social media, and the rather classic post mail and fax. In line with their multi-channel-approach, they looked for ways to give instant feedback to customers. "Our goal was to extend our support to offer a comprehensive consulting throughout the entire buying process. Live chat seemed to fit this goal best, since it’s the fastest and most personal form of messaging."


Userlike was selected out of a shortlist of 10 providers. What tipped the scale was the software itself and Userlike’s flexibility to meet Cyberport’s specific needs.

The fact that Userlike’s Chat Panel runs in the browser allowed that all support agents could start with it right away. Because of the easy navigation and usability, they were quickly chatting with the first customers without going through extensive training.

Every chat operator can see on which Cyberport page a customer is at that moment and what they have in their shopping cart.

"With live chat", Jens explains, "customers don’t need to pick up the phone or send out an email. They don’t need to switch windows and pause their shopping experience. Waiting times are no issue either since the answer is coming back directly."

Equally convenient for the customer: rating the interaction with the chat operator. Because Cyberport is a data-driven company, a comprehensive reporting is essential. With the rating options at the end of every chat, it is quite easy to measure the customer satisfaction in regards to the Live chat.

What’s more, Cyberport used Userlike’s API to import their data into the Chat Panel as well: "The customer data we can extract is particularly valuable for us. Every chat operator can see on which Cyberport page a customer is at that moment and what they have in their shopping cart. This helps a lot in delivering targeted support."

Web visitors that were in a chat during their shop visit were found to be about five times more likely to buy than visitors who didn’t engage in a chat. It seems the chat works as a functional and important instrument for increasing conversion.



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Founded in 1999, Cyberport is one of Germany’s most successful dealers in consumer electronics. Since 2013 they have been using Userlike live chat with 25 operators to offer an all round service experience.


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