WhatsApp Buttons: 5 free tools for your website

Do you want to add a WhatsApp button to your website? Let’s take a look at five free WhatsApp widget options.

Thanks to widgets for Wordpress and other platforms, you can create a WhatsApp chat button for your website in minutes. This allows your customers to easily start a WhatsApp conversation with your business to ask questions about your product or service.

How do I create a WhatsApp button?

You can create a WhatsApp button in just a few steps. For all tools, you need your business’ WhatsApp phone number to link the button to your WhatsApp account. Depending on the widget, you can choose from various design templates that are customizable to fit your website. For example, a simple WhatsApp logo or a pop-up window with a call to action:

In addition to the free WhatsApp widgets, providers also offer pro versions with advanced features, such as free channel selection (Facebook, Telegram, etc.), adding additional phone numbers and work tool integrations.

Which WhatsApp button is right for my business?

The free WhatsApp widgets are ideal for entrepreneurs and small businesses. However, medium-sized and large companies with professional service teams need a widget that can be linked to a WhatsApp-compatible customer messaging platform, such as Userlike. This enables them to receive a larger scale of WhatsApp inquiries and handle them with multiple agents. Our solution also offers you advanced customer communication features such as chat forwarding, chatbots, analytics and more.

Let’s compare the best tools for creating WhatsApp buttons.

  1. Fast Chat Button
  2. Join.Chat
  3. Get Button IO
  4. Chaty
  5. Userlike

The best free widgets for WhatsApp buttons

Fast Chat Button (for Wordpress)

Screenshot von Homepage mit WhatsApp Button von Fast Chat Button
Source: Fast Chat Button

This tool does exactly as it says. The WhatsApp button from Fast Chat Button works quickly and easily, but there are only a few customization options. The widget offers a total of three different button styles, and the element can be placed anywhere on your website.

Special features:

  • Upload your own button element
  • Button resizing

Messenger integrations: none

Price: free

Join.chat (for Wordpress)

Join.chat lets you create a WhatsApp button that either directly launches a WhatsApp chat or opens a "chat window" on the side of your website. In this window you can add a call-to-action message and media, such as videos or GIFs. To reply, the website visitor clicks on the WhatsApp logo, which opens a new chat in their WhatsApp app.

Special features:

  • Customizable CTA message (logo, profile picture, GIFs and videos)
  • Notification message on the button
  • Integration with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel and some translation tools
  • Use of multiple phone numbers and messaging channels (Pro only)

Messenger Integrations: Telegram, Facebook Messenger, SMS, phone calls, Skype, FaceTime

Price: free version, Pro version from 99 to 199 Euros

WhatsApp Business: Privacy, examples and first steps

In this guide, you'll find all the important info you need for using WhatsApp in business.

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Get Button IO (for Wordpress, Shopify & Joomla)

Screenshot von WhatsApp-Button von Get Button IO
Source: Get Button IO

In the free version, Get Button IO only allows two chat button integrations. However, users can add unlimited buttons and advanced features for just under $3 a month.

Its features are also limited compared to Join.Chat — for example, Get Button IO doesn’t support media in the chat window.

Special features:

  • Individual logo in the chat window
  • Fast installation without registration (also with Pro version)
  • Supports multilingual sites

Messenger integrations: Snapchat, Line, WeChat, Telegram

Price: free version, Pro version for 2.99 Euros per month

Chaty (for Wordpress, Shopify, Wix and Ecvid)

Screenshot von WhatsApp Button Widget von Chaty
Source: Chaty

With 100,000 active WordPress installs, Chaty is one of the most popular free widgets for creating a WhatsApp button. In the free version, users can integrate two messaging channels and choose up to six different display colors.

Special features:

  • Simple button or “chat window” with call-to-action message and media elements
  • Widget adaptation to different languages
  • 20+ compatible messaging channels

Channel integrations: WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, SMS, phone call, Skype, FaceTime and much more

Price: free version, Pro version from 39 to 149 Euros

Professional tool: Userlike (for all websites)

Screenshot von Userlike Website Messenger mit WhatsApp-Button.

With Userlike, you combine WhatsApp and website messaging in one tool. Your visitors can choose to talk to you directly on your website or via their favorite messenger. Your customer service employees don’t answer via the WhatsApp app, but rather a central messaging platform, the Userlike Message Center. Your entire team can access it from any desktop PC.

Special features:

  • Combination of live chat button and messaging button in one
  • Supports any number of employee accounts
  • Professional customer service features like redirects, live translation, tagging, sorting by channels
  • Switch from live chat to a browser-based audio or video call

Integrations: Popular messengers like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, SMS

Price: free (live chat button only), Pro version from 90 Euros per month (live chat and WhatsApp button)

Userlike is a business solution partner of WhatsApp. With our GDPR-compliant software, you can officially connect WhatsApp to your service framework. If you’re interested, you can test Userlike for free for 14 days.

Do you have any questions? Our support team will be happy to help you get started with WhatsApp. Just contact us via the chat on our website or WhatsApp.