Userlike Is Getting Social

There is a good chance you’ve put some effort into capitalizing on the social media wave. Probably your business has a Facebook page, but you might have noticed that getting the social buzz going is harder than expected. Who really sees those small ‘follow me’ buttons at the bottom of your page? Once again, live chat comes to the rescue!

In our first effort to mix ourselves into the social media field we added an option to integrate your chat widget with your Facebook account! We figured that since your live chat users are your most engaged and valuable visitors , it makes sense to let the chat be the place where they can connect with your social side!

So how does the integration work? In the widget editor you’ll find a new section, Social. Here you can connect your widget to Facebook in 2 ways.

Firstly, you can enable Facebook Connect . For this feature to work, your Customer Approach should be set on Register. When enabled, your visitor will be asked to log into the chat with Facebook. If he rejects, the normal register form will appear instead.

As a second option, you can ask your chat users to ‘like’ your page on Facebook after the chat has ended. You’ll find your visitors to be very generous with their likes after a great service experience! Social Buzz as a byproduct of your service delivery. Not bad!

We hope you appreciate our social reach-out! Let us know how these features work for you!

Truly yours,

The Userlike Team