Userlike Partners Up with LemonStand

Last week we partnered up with LemonStand , a cloud based Content Management System that attracts businesses looking to professionalise their eCommerce setup.

Userlike and LemonStand attract the same type of user, which is why the partnership could be beneficial to both customer groups. LemonStand is interesting for online businesses that have proven their market fit and are on a fast-paced growth. Now looking for a more tailored solution that is still easy to manage and which does not eat up profits through commissions. Similarly, Userlike's live chat becomes increasingly interesting for online businesses that have passed a certain threshold in visitor numbers, justifying the investment in human resources to man the chats.

As part of the partnership, Userlike and LemonStand will exchange educational material for the benefit of their respective users. Userlike will offer LemonStand users best practices in online customer service through hand guides and an educational webinar while LemonStand shares their experiences with Userlike users concerning best practices in eCommerce, which they've collected through years of working together with some of the most successful brands in the industry (Zendesk, Zippo, JadoPado, etc.)

Integrating Userlike into a LemonStand website is as easy as it can get. Once you copied your unique Userlike code, head to the theme code editor of your LemonStand account, go to the partials and to the ‘layout-foot’ partial. Now you paste the Userlike script, save the page, and you've got live chat integrated in your website!

screenshot of backend lemonstand theme code editor

Feel free to have a look at LemonStand's distinguishing features or take a free 14 day trial to experience what it's all about.