Userlike Is Getting Smarter

Everyone who knows us knows we don’t like to brag. So when we say Userlike is getting smarter, you know we mean it. Last weekend we implemented a major update. Not only did we add some social features, we also added a number of features that allow you to work more intelligently with Userlike.

Topic Tagging

We added the option to tag your chats (transcripts) and offline messages. You can tag your chats by topic, during the chat through a command $topic or after the chat in the chat transcripts. You could for example tag a chat as a ‘Product Inquiry’. You can add your own topics in the Messages Section of your dashboard.

Status Tagging

Also, you can tag both the offline messages and the chats by their Status. The status indicates in how far the customer request has been processed. For example when a chat already solved the problem of a visitor, it can be tagged as ‘closed’. Alternatively, when you’re waiting for a customer response, it can be tagged as ‘pending’. Status tagging can be done in the overviews of the chat transcripts and offline messages.

Live Statistics

We made serious advancements in our statistical area. At the Statistics tab, you will see a new section ‘Live’. Here you can see the amount of chats that were conducted by your team members per hour in a day!

In the second graph you also see in much more detail what specific chat actions were taken that day and on the month. E.g. offline checks, automatic chats offered, etc.

Furthermore, you can see per operator how many chats he/she had by the hour.

Survey & Rating Statistics

It is now also possible to see what ratings the operators received after the chats. Also you can see how often the pre and post chat surveys were filled in.


Perhaps the most important feature we added to the dashboard is the filtering options. You can now filter your chat transcripts, offline messages, and statistics based on multiple elements, such as date range, name, operator, email, and status. This makes for a much clearer overview of your system’s developments.

Agent Role

Another smart option we added is that of an extra operator role: the Agent. In larger chat teams there will be those that handle the account, those that control the team and chat widgets, and those that will only handle the chat. The latter group of course only needs access to the chat panel, which is why we added the agent status. When agents log in they will only see the statistics and the chat panel, no more unnecessary distractions.

Download Macros

Then finally we added a new feature for the customer interaction. You can now send Download Macros over the chat. Let’s say your visitors often inquire for a download of your general terms and conditions. You can now prepare this download under Messages and Download Macros, and for the next inquiry use the $d (name) command to send it to your chat partner. You can either host the file yourself, or upload it and let us host it.

We’ll be looking forward to your feedback!

Truly yours,

The Userlike Team