Userlike's Black Friday Deal. 1 Year 50% Off.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us. At Userlike we think end consumers aren't the only ones entitled to enjoy them. We think all those businesses pleasing their customers with heavy discounted products can use a discount themselves.

That's why we've put together a special Black Friday - Cyber Monday Deal.

What's the Deal?

If you sign up between today and the 10th of December, you get 50% discount for an entire year on our premium Team product.

How Do I Get It?

By signing up through the Google banner on the right or via this link , you will first get access to the 14 day trial. During or after the trial you can upgrade (upgrade page) and use the coupon code cyb3rm0nd4y2015 to redeem the deal.

Why This is the Right Time to Start with Live Chat

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the busiest months in eCommerce. Serving all these people with your classical support channels - phone and email - is a tremendous task. You would probably have to hire extra people just to handle the demand.

With live chat, on the other hand, you have a tool that allows one service employee to help multiple visitors simultaneously. In fact, one chat operator can chat with up to 10 customers at the same time. That makes live chat the perfect tool to absorb this peak in service demand. So start today!