Userlike Beta

In this second blog post we would like to inform you about the freshly released Beta and how it is connected to the way we want to run our business. Some of the following parts might sound a bit corny, but hey it’s almost Christmas and just because it’s corny doesn’t make it any less true!

That’s just how we roll

At Userlike all the efforts that we put into the development of the product are subject to questions like: “Will this help our users?” and “Will this make our users deliver a better service to their users?”. As our name indicates, the software is based on the concepts of user orientation and user friendliness. Userlike is a solution that puts the focus on these web users, which is why we have decided to run an extensive Beta version prior to the official release.

After months of hard work we are very excited to release this Beta. It will initially be limited to a small number of people for the purpose of some preliminary testing, but we’ll soon be opening up the gates for more of you. Today we have updated and it is still possible to register for a Beta invite. Enter your email address and we will get back to you as soon as you reach the top of the waiting list.

The Beta run

Once you are invited to test out Userlike you can experience a close-to-feature-complete version for free and observe how it affects the customer support of your website. Although we are pretty sure you will enjoy Userlike from the moment you start, we know that there will be some parts that you think could be better or made differently, which is why we’ll be sending you a short questionnaire after a few days of use. We depend on the thoughts of our users and our users’ users for our product improvements and innovations and therefore would like to ask you to share your thoughts with us, negative or positive. What do you like and dislike most? What features are missing? Are there any ideas you would like to see implemented? Do not be afraid to hurt our feelings, for we are tough and can take it! You can be assured that we take any kind of honest feedback into consideration in order to steadily improve our product.

Those of you participating in the Beta can enjoy this close-to-feature-complete version for around two months, after which your accounts are downgraded to the limited free version automatically and you can choose to upgrade. The end of the Beta does however not indicate the end of the development process. We will continuously be improving and developing our software.

We hope you enjoy the Beta and we are looking forward hearing from you!

Yours truly,

The Userlike Team