Heads Up: Upcoming Pricing Change

Hi there, Userliker! We'll be making some changes in our pricing in the first week of June.

Don't be alarmed: if you're already using one of our premium plans, the change won't affect you. And if you were planning to upgrade, you still have enough time so you'll end up in the 'old' pricing structure.

Why change?

We've been running with our current pricing model since 2012. A lot of things have happened in the meantime. Besides a natural rate of inflation, we have been relentlessly improving Userlike.

Our current product has more features, works faster, and looks (much) better than its 2012 predecessor. We've raised the value of Userlike to one of the top solutions in the market. It's time to reflect this in our pricing.

Another reason is that we want to balance out our current pricing. At the moment, Userlike is affordable for smaller teams, and very cheap for large businesses. We’re aiming for affordable across the board.

So what are the new prices?

Team. €29 per month, billed yearly. €36 per month, billed monthly.
Corporate. €99 per month, billed yearly. €119 per month, billed monthly.
Business. €299 per month, billed yearly. €359 per month, billed monthly.

So this means a small rise in Team, and larger jumps for Corporate and Business.

What if I'm already using a premium product?

The price change won't affect your current subscription. Also, when your current subscription automatically renews, you will stay in the 'old' pricing. When you upgrade to a higher plan after the price change, however, you will fall into the new pricing.

So, if you expect your current subscription will work fine for you for the foreseeable future, you don't have to do anything. But if you were thinking about upgrading to a higher plan or downgrading to a lower one, you might want to think about doing that in the coming week.

What if I'm using the free or trial product?

If you were planning to upgrade to a premium plan, we recommend you to do so before the end of May. If you're planning to run with the Free product, nothing changes. Free stays free.

We plan the price change for the first week of June, but we'll keep you updated on that. If you have any questions, just send us a message! If all of this convinced you to upgrade earlier on, you can do so here .