UK's 10 Leading eCommerce News Portals

The UK is among the strongest countries in the world when it comes to eCommerce spending per capita, according to eConsultancy studies . This is reflected in the amount of eCommerce blogs and industry related newspapers aimed at the UK. However it’s not easy to separate the wheat from the chaff. Here at Userlike we identified the largest and most influential eCommerce news portals for the UK based on content quality, page rank and keywords relevancy.

eCommerce Week

Ecommerce Week is one of the most comprehensive UK portals concerning eCommerce News and related information. This website is constantly updated with UK industry developments, case studies about national companies, opinion articles from British eCommerce experts and also contains a useful section for job postings.

Internet Retailing

In the pages of Internet Retailing you can find leading online eCommerce and multichannel retail news, research and related information from all over the world. The topics of interest from this portal are investment, financial studies and analytical articles related with current eCommerce issues. This online magazine is an all-year-long extension of the well-known strategic conference and is widely accepted as a reliable source of data.

Econsultancy Blog

Econsultancy is a world-famous portal and one of the highest authorities in the UK for eCommerce research. At Econsultancy you can find complete reports, case studies and vital statistical data for decision making. Besides all this, Econsultancy is a news platform which constantly publishes information about eCommerce developments from all over the world, with a special focus on digital marketing.

eCommerce from The Guardian

As you may know , The Guardian is one of the most notable newspapers in Britain, read by nearly 9 million people (considering both online and print versions). Most recently, The Guardian developed a section dedicated to eCommerce in which you can find the latest news and articles related with eTrade and technology, from Britain and the world.

The E-Commerce Pro

The E-Commerce Professional is a portal for online business managers and practitioners to seek for information that can improve the way they are selling online. At The E-Commerce Pro, you can access updated news as well as hot insights and best practices.

Essential Retail

If you ever attended the Retail and Business Techonoly Expo ( RBTE ) you can understand the dimension and importance of the British eCommerce market. At Essential Retail, the most illustrious experts are invited to share their opinion, which contributes to this platform's widely respected reputation.


Marketing Week is a multidisciplinary platform containing diverse types of content mostly related with digital marketing. One of its sections is dedicated to eCommerce news where you will be able to find videos, articles and some other interesting food for thought. If you come from a Marketing background or wish to follow eCommerce news with a marketing approach this is a portal you might be interested in bookmarking.

Drapers Online

Drapers is a Fashion and Clothing businesses online magazine. If you work or have a special interest for the Fashion Industry then you will find Drapers Online as an authority source for this sector’s latest news. Besides news and articles, Drapers Online also features unique interviews with the hottest personalities from the fashion industry and a unique Shopwatch section.

Digital Marketing Magazine

Digital Marketing is a centerpiece in the management priorities of any online shop. Digital Marketing Magazine publishes, on a daily basis, various articles to help you stay ahead of what’s happening in the world of Digital Marketing, eCommerce and Customer Experience.


Computing is one of UK’s leading information resources for technology matters. Similarly to what other online tech publishers are doing, Computing also developed its own eCommerce section which includes the latest headlines of this industry. With a tech-savvy approach, this online magazine provides its readers convenient articles and practical product reviews.

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