The Talkdesk Integration: Call Centre Software Meets Live Chat

Talkdesk and Userlike can now be integrated to improve the way your team is doing customer service. Talkdesk is an affordable call centre software designed for small and medium-sized companies. With this service you can access an enterprise quality system without the expensive fees and long-term contracts.

Talkdesk offers you advanced features to host a professional call-centre from your browser, landline or IP Phone. With an intelligent routing system and enhanced controls such as call conferencing, call monitoring and call transfers, Talkdesk presents itself as one of the best solutions on the market.

With the Userlike - Talkdesk integration you can store all your contacts in a single place. Your chat and phone operators can now easily find Userlike chat transcripts together with customer contacts and status, right from their Talkdesk account.

The information is continuously updated, which means that your contacts and interactions will be automatically synchronised from Userlike directly into Talkdesk contact information. This fact is quite valuable for service agents who can also refer to previous chat interactions while talking to a customer, even if that chat was finished a minute ago. Also, as information can be accessed from anywhere and from any device, you can now also make sure that your sales or support agents can “click-to-call” any visitor who they (or their colleagues) recently chatted to, at anytime.

To integrate these two service software you need to enter your Userlike API Token into your Talkdesk account. If you have any doubts, you can always take a look at our detailed tutorial or download Talkdesk Userlike Integration e-book .

You are then ready to set-up your most recent integration, to monitor, access and develop data-driven customer interactions. During this set-up you can decide on which data will be transferred into Talkdesk from chat transcripts and offline messages.

After setting up the integration, Userlike and Talkdesk will start automatically talking to each other, so you can sit back while your agents provide an enhanced professional support and your customers leave happier than ever.