The SugarCRM Integration: Send Live Chat Data to your CRM

The integration between Userlike and SugarCRM has been discontinued. Check out our list of active add-ons here .

Userlike live chat introduces to you the integration with SugarCRM . SugarCRM is software to support your customer relationship needs, focused on optimising your current processes and improving your overall support. With an open source as well as a commercial open source version, SugarCRM is suitable for companies of every size and industry.

SugarCRM is an integrated tool useful for many company departments, from marketing, sales and support, with one common goal - to create extraordinary customer relationships. With this tool you have a 360 degree overview of your customer interactions, fully integrated with any communication channel you might be using. Moreover, SugarCRM is optimised for mobile devices, so you can take your business, your team and your customers with you on-the-go.

As an open-source platform, SugarCRM is highly flexible to your business needs. With the SugarCRM - Userlike integration you can easily manage your live chat interactions from your CRM platform, creating cases and contacts in a matter of seconds. There are two intuitive ways to manually send your chat transcripts, offline messages and contacts into SugarCRM directly from the Chat Panel. The first can be triggered during a running chat: all you need to do is click on “Addons” and select the option “SugarCRM”. Alternatively you can also use the $sugarcrm command.

Then, to send offline messages to this CRM platform you need to go to Dashboard’s message overview and select “Offline Messages”. From there, you will be able to see all offline messages, click on the button “Create a Ticket” from any of those messages, and then select the option “Create SugarCRM Ticket”. Finally it’s also possible to have your chat transcripts and/or offline messages automatically be sent to your Sugar. You can enable this option in the Addon section of your Userlike dashboard. If you have any questions about how to setup your integration you can take a look at our SugarCRM Addon Tutorial .