The Startup Deal

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Dear Startup Colleagues,
We are Userlike, live chat software for website and mobile support. We'd like to introduce you to the Startup Deal: the possibility to access this great product at a low price.

A number of successful tech companies started out with our Startup Deal, such as Positionly , Dozeo and CentralStationCRM .

What is the Userlike Startup Deal

We are offering startups 12 months use of our Live Chat Software for a reduced price of $/€6.25 for a 12-month subscription.

This deal includes the benefits of the Team Plan , such as the possibility to add up to three operators, three different widgets, to conduct an unlimited number of chats and the possibility to integrate your live chat interactions with your CRM software.

To be eligible your startup should belong to one of our partner incubators/accelerators (bottom list). If you don’t belong to any of them but still have a startup, just contact us and we’ll see whether we can fit you in.

If you're a startup you can register here and wait for our welcoming email. Get in touch with us over the chat and we'll send over your startup coupon.

Why we offer Userlike Live Chat to Startups

Having started out as a bootstrapped company ourselves, we know that startups need, but can't always afford to pay for, the best tools out there. At the same time, startups tend to be our best customers and we love having them around:

Startups Are Innovative

Startups are a nest of creativity and aren’t afraid to try out new things: Implementing live chat support into a website might require some necessary changes in your work plan. While bigger and more established companies require a lot of time and thought into it, startups have a much easier structure making all the process quicker and easier. We also noticed that startups are open and eager to test our product.

Startups Are Tech Savvy

- Another great reason why we love startups is because they are usually quite tech savvy and don’t really bother us that much with too many tech support questions. That doesn't mean you can't ask us questions, but please do take into account our precious support resources :)

Startups Give Great Feedback

Entrepreneurs look at the world differently than most people. They have a mindset of optimisation. Since our Beta, fellow startups have been our most valuable source of feedback. When you make use of our Startup Deal we hope you will also share your ideas with us on how we can make our product even better.

Startups Are Role Models

Startups and entrepreneurs are role models. It is commonly known that they are tech savvy, a big part of their survival depends on it. Just as we are proud to see so many other software providers make use of us (because they know how to distinguish quality software), we are proud to be used by so many startups.

Startups Need to be in Close Contact with their Users

We believe that live chat is the best solution to get in close contact with your website visitors. Startups are the ones who benefit the most from this opportunity, as early user experience and feedback is fundamental for their long-term growth.

Some of our Users that Started out with the Startup Deal


Klaaro is a German startup using Userlike to provide direct support to companies. Their B2B services include website mobile optimisation to add trustworthy and increase expansion opportunities.


Elastera offers fast growing Magento retailers the possibility to access a professionally managed cloud hosting for their online store. The three great promises are performance, scalability and industrial strength allied with an excellent 24/7 support service.


allbranded is an online merchandising platform. With some creative ideas, allbranded is offering live chat service to answer any customer enquiries during their shopping experience.


StudyDrive is a students community where you can find free study materials. This platform is also an excellent tool for recruiters to browse and find some of the best students in town. StudyDrive is using Userlike live chat tool to chat with website visitors.


Loxone is a British innovative creator of personal domestic automation gadgets. If you are looking for a great company to make your home smarter, contact Loxone through Userlike live chat.

Chic by Choice

Chic by Choice is a Portuguese startup who rents out luxury dresses from international designers. To get in touch with their website visitors Chic by Choice chose Userlike live chat solution.


lemoncake is an innovative music production agency. In a special effort to bring together listeners, DJs, composers and musicians, lemoncake communicates through live chat.

Our Partner Incubators

Meet some of our official partners. The following startup incubators and accelerators are doing an awesome job boosting innovation throughout the world:

If your Incubator/Accelerator is not on this list we welcome you to bring us in contact!